Bioshock: This is what the action game looks like in Unreal Engine 5

Bioshock: This is what the action game looks like in Unreal Engine 5


The first-person shooter Bioshock is now 14 years old. Fortunately, it has lost little of its fascination with gameplay, but the ravages of time have noticeably gnawed at the look. What would the game look like if it were presented in a modern graphic guise? The answer to this question is now provided by the fan and YouTuber "noodlespagoodle". He has made it his business to present Bioshock in Unreal Engine 5.

It must be said at this point, however, that this is only partially true. The YouTuber has not adapted the full Bioshock (buy now € 29.95 / € 19.99). To preserve the flair of the template, he used a large part of the original textures. He also constructed a new area of ​​the underwater city of Rapture especially for his demo, which you have not seen before. Otherwise, however, you will find a lot of familiar elements. This ranges from appearances by the Little Sisters and Big Daddys to the use of well-known weapons. "Noodlespagoodle" even thought of the "Gatherer's Garden" vending machines, original audio logs and the crazy splicers. You can see the remarkable result in this video.

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Here’s what BioShock looks like in Unreal Engine 5

A talented developer has remade the original BioShock in Unreal Engine 5 and released a three-minute-long trailer to showcase their efforts – complete with combat, a whale, dialogue, an underwater Big Daddy fight, and several cats for some reason.

Creator noodlespagoodle previously did a video of what BioShock would look like in Unreal Engine 4 back in 2014, and while other developers did more direct recreations of areas in the game they opted for an original area that recreated the feel of BioShock instead. Now noodlespagoodle has done something similar in Unreal Engine 5 (thanks DSOGaming).

The short demo uses the original textures from BioShock to keep faithful to the game, but the developer has created an original scenario in a new part of Rapture. It looks, feels, and plays like a better-looking remake of BioShock, complete with a lot of identifiable features such as the Gatherer’s Garden vending machine, weapons, audio logs, UI, a crazed Splicer, a Little Sister, and even a Big Daddy in an underwater fight – but there are some obvious differences too.

For starters, the voice acting is clearly original, with new characters Songbird and Darwin replacing Atlas and Andrew Ryan. The location is brand new, despite looking like it was taken from the game. The biggest surprise is the presence of several cats, which wouldn’t have lasted long in the original Rapture. Check out the full demo below.

Sadly, noodlespagoodle calls this “simply my tribute to an iconic franchise” and will not be releasing the demo to the public – nor will they be remaking the entirety of BioShock in Unreal 5. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive achievement and a cool glimpse at what a proper remake could look like.

BioShock 4 is still supposedly on its way, and it’ll be a proper open-world game after the attempts of BioShock Infinite to do just that. Hopefully we’ll hear more about that soon, as it’s been in development for years.