Kid Icarus: Uprising: this is how it was born

Kid Icarus: Uprising: this is how it was born

Kid Icarus

In the last episode of Harada's Bar, Masahiro Sakurai was able to explain how Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS was born. At the time, the Touch! Generations (recode Brain Training?) Was incredibly popular. Sakurai believed the trend would continue, but he wanted to give the line a more meaningful experience.

Sakurai: "The original design was based on the new hardware, the 3DS, which was about to arrive. At the time the line Touch! Generations was very popular on the Nintendo DS. Touch! Generations is the generic name for small games like Brain Training. They were different from ordinary games, but they were good for players and were great for quick games ... I thought the trend would be continued. So I wanted to do something deeper. That's how I designed Kid Icarus: Uprising. "

" We had to make a third person shooter to take advantage of the 3DS, but the screen was small and the visual depth was limited. . For this we avoided battles between people of similar size and made the enemies much bigger. "

Kid Icarus: Uprising was a success, but never had a sequel, despite fan requests. According to Sakurai, making it would be complicated, so it's best not to expect it.

In the same interview, Sakurai told him about his goal when he plays games.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

8 Nintendo Video Game Movies We NEED To See

Breaking the fourth wall has become cool in recent years. So why not make a film based on the fourth wall breaking Kid Icarus series? It'd be like kid-friendly Deadpool.

Now the movie should definitely ignore most of what is covered in the original Kid Icarus and Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, because even though those games have their merits they're not exactly suitable for a film adaptation.

No, the movie should focus on Kid Icarus: Uprising, as a straight-up adaptation, a sequel featuring the same tone and characters, or something different that's heavily inspired by Uprising. As long as the movie is like Kid Icarus: Uprising then it has the potential of being a great film.

Whilst a movie like this could work in live-action, making it animated would definitely be the best option for a series like this. Animation would allow the magical creatures found in the world of Kid Icarus to truly shine.

A movie focusing on the characters of Pit and Palutena and their humour that revolves around breaking the fourth wall could make for a great film. Even those who have never played a Kid Icarus game before are sure to love it.