Age of Empires 4 will have machine learning-powered AI and will no longer cheat

Age of Empires 4 will have machine learning-powered AI and will no longer cheat

Age of Empires 4 is one of the big names in Microsoft's gaming portfolio. In a recent interview with Kotaku Australia, the developers talked about the strengths of the game and, more precisely, the fact that it will include an AI powered by machine learning. Furthermore, the AI ​​will no longer cheat as it did in the past.

We must know that, as a rule, computer AIs have a way of cheating, using upgrades or receiving extra resources that allow them to stay on top with the player. However, Age of Empires 4 will no longer use these "old" tricks. However, the developers have revealed that they have tested with a "Merciless" AI for strategy.

Age of Empires 4 used machine learning to train their AI, but after the October launch the developers probably they will add a more complex mode that will continue to learn from the current player meta. The AI ​​"will continue to learn as people play with it, to the point of being unbeatable. It suits us, because if you choose that difficulty to make the AI ​​better at defeating you, that's just what you want." The developers explain that they have done the same with Killer Instinct 2 in which the AI ​​has become good at imitating even the taunts of the players (such as the teabag).

Age or Empires 4 For the lowest difficulties However, the creators point out that the AI ​​will be modified to create matches that are always exciting for players, even if they are not experts. They explain that from their point of view the most important part is that the player has fun. It is also explained that thanks to the training of the AI ​​(which fights against itself), the team was able to notice a bug.

Players who don't want to be defeated, in any case, will have access to a Story Mode that removes the defeat conditions from the campaign. Age of Empires 4 aims to be more accessible, especially considering that Game Pass will allow you to get closer to players who may have never tried the series or genre.

Finally, we point out the recent Age of Empires trailer 4 that showed the Russians and the Holy Roman Empire during Gamescom 2021.

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