Halo Infinite: Battle Pass progression will be based on challenges, no XP at launch

Halo Infinite: Battle Pass progression will be based on challenges, no XP at launch

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite will arrive on December 8th on PC and Xbox, with the single player campaign mode and the free to play multiplayer mode. The latter will propose a Battle Pass, whose advancement will not be based on XP but on challenges, at least at launch. Here's what was revealed.

343 Industries community manager - John Junyszek - said: "Playing and winning matches in Halo Infinite will be considered a challenge, this will help players progress through the Battle Pass. that this means no XP per game at launch, you will still bea> able to progress through the challenges and then through the Battle Pass. "

Some players have "worried" about it, especially thinking about the possibility of running out of daily challenges and therefore not being able to progress when you want. Junszek said that in the recent technical test there was a problem that allowed some players to complete all the available challenges but, "even if not infinite, it is extremely difficult to run out of daily challenges. I will not say impossible, because there they're very persistent players out there, but I'd be pretty impressed. "

However, there is talk of the lack of XP "at launch", so it is possible that the progression system in the Halo Infinite Battle Pass changes over time, perhaps also based on player feedback.

Finally, remember that the Halo Infinite Campaign was not shown, 343I responds to disappointed fans.

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Halo Infinite preorder guide: Release date, price, console bundle, and more

The Xbox Series X|S has been light on exclusives since its launch last November, but one of the most anticipated Xbox games in years will be here before we know it. Halo Infinite, the sixth mainline entry in the iconic first-person shooter series, will be released Dec. 8 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, as confirmed by Microsoft during Gamescom's Opening Night Live. The game is launching with its campaign and multiplayer at that time, though campaign co-op and Forge (a level editor mode) won't come until 2022. If you're looking to preorder Halo Infinite, you can do so now, with digital preorders available on the Xbox Store and physical preorders available from Amazon and other major retailers. There are some retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses worth considering as well.

Screenshot from Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite will be released Dec. 8 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

MicrosoftHalo Infinite on Xbox Game Pass

First of all, we should note that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have day-one access to Halo Infinite at launch, so if you're subscribed to that service, you'll be good to go come Dec. 8 (unless you just want to own a physical copy). If you're not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass (maybe you're hoping to pick up an Xbox console for the first time this holiday), Halo Infinite is certainly a good excuse to do so, though the benefits extend far beyond this console exclusive. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers the best value, combining Xbox Game Pass for console and PC with Xbox Live Gold for $15 per month. You'll have access to a rotating library of over 100 titles, free monthly games, EA Play, Xbox cloud gaming and day-one access to any Xbox Games Studios releases. Once you're in the Xbox ecosystem, signing up for Game Pass is a no-brainer; plus, new subscribers get their first month for $1.

Halo Infinite preorder bonuseshalo-infinite-preorder-bonus



There doesn't appear to be a general Halo Infinite preorder bonus applying to all editions, but as of right now, both Best Buy and GameStop are offering retailer-exclusive bonuses. They seem to be offering the same in-game DLC with all preorders: the Zeta Sky Armor and Weapon Coatings as well as the Chosen Emblem and Nameplate. However, Best Buy is sweetening the deal by throwing in a free steelbook case and $10 reward credit for My Best Buy members (signing up is free). It's possible more preorder bonuses will be announced closer to launch; we'll be sure to include that info here when available.

Halo Infinite editionsAmazon

Halo Infinite's $60 standard edition is available to preorder now from most major retailers. You'll have access to the campaign and multiplayer at launch along with campaign co-op and Forge when they launch in 2022. You'll receive any retailer-specific preorder bonuses as well. Whether you have an Xbox Series X already or are still using an Xbox One, you'll be fine to pick up the physical edition, as it'll play on either console thanks to backward compatibility. (Note that Series S owners will need to buy the game digitally.)


Target is offering an exclusive Collector's Steelbook Edition for Halo Infinite. Available for $60, the same price as the standard edition on its own, Target's bundle gets you the base game for Xbox Series X or Xbox One as well as a free collectible steelbook depicting Master Chief. Presumably, this will be a different steelbook than what Best Buy is offering as a preorder bonus. In any case, this edition is likely to sell out before launch, so don't wait too long to grab it if you're interested.


A Halo Infinite limited-edition Xbox Series X bundle costing $550 was announced Aug. 25, and preorders went live shortly afterward. To no one's surprise, stock sold out almost as soon as it became available, but it's possible we'll see restocks between now and the console bundle's release on Nov. 25 (two weeks before the launch of the game). The Halo Infinite-edition Xbox Series X has a stunning space-themed design with dark metallic paneling and iridium gold accents as well as other Halo-inspired details. It comes with a matching Xbox Wireless Controller and a digital copy of Halo Infinite. See our guide on how to preorder the Halo Infinite Series X bundle for more info and retail listings.

Halo Infinite accessoriesMicrosoft

Microsoft is releasing a limited-edition Halo Infinite version of the excellent Elite Series 2 controller, available Nov. 15 for $200. Its striking design mimics Master Chief's iconic suit, with green metallic plates that look slightly battle-worn and an iridium gold D-pad. It comes with a variety of swappable components as well as a dark green carrying case sporting the UNSC insignia. It's an awesome design for an already incredible controller -- the Elite Series 2 supports button mapping, custom profiles, adjustable-tension thumbsticks, hair trigger locks for faster firing, and a wrap-around rubberized grip. So far, the Halo Infinite-edition Elite Series 2 is available only from the Xbox Store, though other retailers may stock it at launch.


Available this October, the newest Seagate Game Drive for Xbox comes with a custom Master Chief-inspired design and customizable LEDs to add a neat glow to your setup. This is a great option for storing Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games when you don't want to take up space on your internal SSD. Note that while you can play Xbox One games directly off this drive, you'll need to move any Series X|S games back over to your internal SSD to play them. The Halo Infinite special-edition drive will be available for $100 (2TB) and $160 (5TB).


Razer is also getting in on Halo Infinite hype by releasing a special edition of its Kaira Pro wireless headset, which debuted last November alongside the Xbox Series X|S. The new Halo Infinite-edition Kaira Pro features a green design similar to the Elite Series 2 and Seagate drive, so you could have all matching Halo gear if you want. It supports both Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 for low-latency gaming whether you're on console or mobile, with an EQ and Xbox pairing button for easy connectivity. And for when you're not playing online with others, the microphone can be retracted so it's out of your way. As a perk: You'll get an in-game reward, the Deathly Poison Armor Coating, when you purchase this headset. The Halo Infinite Razer Kaira Pro is available for $170, and we've seen it go in and out of stock at GameStop.


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