Death Stranding, Norman Reedus exposes himself to a new chapter

Death Stranding, Norman Reedus exposes himself to a new chapter

Death Stranding

In addition to the Director's Cut, arriving exclusively on PlayStation 5 in September, Death Stranding may soon receive a sequel. To release the sensational indiscretion on a possible sequel to the first game by Hideo Kojima developed after the divorce from Konami, nothing less than Norman Reedus, prolific American actor who over the years has worked on successful TV series and starred in the starring role in the title of the Japanese game designer, playing the role of Sam Porter Bridges.

Interviewed by the Brazilian division of IGN, Norman Reedus talked about a sequel to Death Stranding, specifying that the negotiations are already taking place . "We are currently in the negotiation phase so .. HAPPY!", The actor's words, declared during a round table presentation of season 11 of The Walking Dead. Now, while coming from a rather reliable source, it is clear that Reedus' words could be misunderstood. In fact, the actor would be referring to both a possible new chapter and the much talked about Director's Cut.

Hypothesis aside, Death Stranding is a finished game. In fact, there are no plot holes and the storyline leaves no room for misunderstandings. Hideo Kojima himself, in the past, has expressed himself in favor of a possible new game but probably with different mechanics and detached from the plot seen in the title that debuted in 2019. The goal of the game designer could therefore be to create a narrative universe , where each iteration brings changes and adds new elements, new characters and so on.

Rumors and ideas on how the Death Stranding sequel could be certainly not lacking. Certainly Hideo Kojima isa> working on something, but it is clear that before we know what the Japanese game designer's new project will be, there will still be a wait and attention: it is not even excluded that it may again be a PlayStation exclusive. We will update you as soon as there is more information on this, so keep following geekinco for all the news and updates in the pipeline.

Death Stranding Director's Cut can be booked HERE.

Death Stranding sequel is reportedly 'in negotiations'

Death Stranding and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has reportedly confirmed that a Death Stranding sequel is 'in negotiations'.

Though Reedus didn't give away too much in the Portuguese interview - and auto-translations can sometimes be inaccurate, meaning we can only take this as a rumour for now - IGN Brasil reports he said he 'thinks' a second Death Stranding is on the way.

'I think we're doing a second Death Stranding,' Reedus told AdoroCinema, which is a partner site of IGN Brasil. '[Death Stranding 2] is in negotiations right now. So... yay!' Reedus reportedly said to journalists at a recent The Walking Dead roundtable.

Sony recently shown a chunk of gameplay footage from Death Stranding: Director's Cut, which launches on 24th September.

ICMYI, this expanded version of Hideo Kojima's oddball post-apocalyptic courier adventure adds new story missions, new combat mechanics, a firing range and yes, even a racing mode.

PS4 save data will carry over to the PS5 Director's Cut. You can also upgrade any PS4 copy for around $10 to get the Death Stranding Director's Cut Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade for PS5.