Battlefield 2042: Beta will start soon - test version already this week?

Battlefield 2042: Beta will start soon - test version already this week?

Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield 2042 Beta is apparently imminent. For example, Charlie Intel reports in relation to a current stream from Lirik that the test phase is apparently already taking place this week. The German streamer Pietsmiet, who announced a stream for the beta for September 4th in its current program schedule, provides another indication. So it is possible that previous rumors will be confirmed - and that the beta for the new first-person shooter can be played this weekend. First of all, pre-orderers of the full version should be able to get in and from September 6th all other players - on all platforms suspect in the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. In addition, individual dealers have already started sending the beta codes for pre-orderers, which means that the early access client can be downloaded if BF 2042 has been pre-ordered as a physical version.

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Battlefield 2042: New leak shows weapon gameplay from the alpha test

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Battlefield 2042: Beta start is imminent - Indications of imminent activation

DICE had already confirmed that the beta for Battlefield 2042 will start in September. There are now indications of an imminent release. 0

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The PC Games 09/21 with the cover story of Company of Heroes 3, previews of Elex 2 and Psychonauts 2, tests of F1 2021, The Ascent and much more. m. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1378698,1378717,1378624,1377737'; If you use the digital version, you don't need a separate download key. However: Neither DICE nor Electronic Arts has confirmed the date for the beta so far. Insider Tom Henderson, however, believes that will change shortly: He expects the date to be announced by September 2nd. The full version of Battlefield 2042 will bea> released on October 22.

'Battlefield 2042' Open Beta Could Begin This Week [Rumor]

  • 'Battlefield 2042's' open beta may start as early as Sept. 4 or 6
  • A German website indicated that the dates signify the start of the game's betas
  • The betas for the previous two 'Battlefield' games were held within the same period
  • The much-anticipated open beta for “Battlefield 2042” may start as early as this week if rumors from online and previous beta test patterns are to be believed.

    “Battlefield 2042’s” technical alpha test has recently concluded, giving some lucky players a very early look at one of the game’s older builds for the sake of tech optimization and bug fixing. DICE did confirm that the alpha test will be followed by an open beta this September, but an exact date was not provided.

    One Redditor noted that German YouTuber PietSmiet has “Battlefield 2042” on his stream schedule for Saturday, Sept. 4. German video games website Gamestar also pinned Sept. 4 as the beginning of the early access open beta period for those who pre-ordered the game while the fully public beta is allegedly scheduled for Sept. 6.

    Battlefield 2042 is bringing some changes to vehicles to accommodate the larger map sizes

    Battlefield 2042 is bringing some changes to vehicles to accommodate the larger map sizes Photo: Electronic Arts

    The dates make more sense when the betas from the previous “Battlefield” games are taken into consideration. “Battlefield 1’s” beta began on Aug. 31, 2016 while “Battlefield V’s” early access beta launched on Sept. 4, 2018, followed by a public beta on Sept. 6.

    Both games held beta tests mere months before they were released in the month of October of their respective launch years.

    Fans of the franchise speculated that “Battlefield 2042’s” beta event will receive the same treatment that “Battlefield V” did. Should “2042” follow its predecessor, then fans can expect a 5-day long beta period with two maps, a limited selection of firearms and one of each vehicle to play around with. The Orbital map featured in the alpha test may return in the beta along with a second map should “Battlefield 2042” keep up with tradition.

    The many leaks from closed alpha tech test showed the world that “Battlefield 2042” still has many problems to solve and incomplete assets to finish. As the game’s official release date is inching closer every day, some fans are noting that the game could launch as a buggy and incomplete mess.

    However, other fans remain optimistic as much of the previous “Battlefield” games were more than polished at launch when compared to their technical test or open beta variants. Fans will only have to wait and see until DICE officially launches the “Battlefield 2042” beta sometime next month.