18-year-olds will be able to vote in the Senate elections

18-year-olds will be able to vote in the Senate elections

The House approved the bill with 178 votes in favor, 30 abstentions and 15 against. As the two-thirds quorum has not been reached in the House, the reform will be promulgated after 3 months, during which a referendum may be requested

The Senate chamber (photo: Flickr.com. License CC BY-NC- SA 2.0) The Senate has approved the constitutional reform that will give 18-year-olds the opportunity to elect Italian senators. With 178 votes in favor, 30 abstentions and 15 against, the Chamber confirmed the bill already passed on June 9 in the Chamber, where, however, less than two-thirds of the deputies voted. Therefore 3 months will have to pass before the reform is promulgated, during which a confirmatory referendum may be requested.

Currently, those over 18 years of age, in possession of the rights of active electorate, can vote only for the election of the deputies to the Chamber. While senators can only be elected by those over 25 years old. The proposed constitutional reform aims to broaden the electorate to a younger audience, standardizing it to that of Montecitorio and guaranteeing the right to vote for about 4 million more people.

The reform would modify the first paragraph of article 58 of the Constitution, by inserting the phrase "the senators are elected by direct universal suffrage", the place of the current wording "by the electors who have passed the age of twenty-five". If at the end of the next three months no referendum has expressed an unfavorable opinion on the reform, in the next political elections all the electors and the electricians will be able to elect the representatives to the Senate.

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