Abandoned: subreddit closes for scam and doxxing cases, Blue Box distances itself

Abandoned: subreddit closes for scam and doxxing cases, Blue Box distances itself


An Abandoned subreddit will soon close its doors, due to cases of scam and doxxing that have occurred in the last few weeks. And in all this, Blue Box distances itself.

Since the announcement, Abandoned has been the protagonist of numerous theories related to Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Hideo Kojima, partly because of Blue Box and Hasan Kahraman. To the point that months ago the r / BlueBoxConspiracy subreddit was opened to discuss the theories and mysteries of the title. However, among the nearly 5,000 thread discussion attendees there are also several bad apples.

As we learn from the long post posted by the admins, the subreddit will close shortly, limiting the publication of new posts and comments in the meantime. The decision was made due to a series of crafty people who would have lured some slightly naïve users, in some cases promising them a copy of Abandoned, who ended up victims of scams and doxxing.

A user has contacted Blue Box Games on Twitter, reporting two users who claimed to have a copy of Abandoned inviting other people to join them on Discord to "play together". The studio has rightly distanced itself and at the same time asks to ignore those who claim they can sell a copy of the game.

"We ask everyone to ignore them. We have no partnership with these people nor do we allow access to the game. to users. We have also received reports of people sharing their credit card information to some "vendors" to play Abandoned. We ask everyone to wait for official announcements from us. "

In the meantime BlueBox has promised that Abandoned will be free for those who bought The Haunting in early access.

Have you noticed any errors?

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