FIFA 22 FUT points: here's where to buy them

FIFA 22 FUT points: here's where to buy them

FIFA 22 FUT points

We are almost there: October 1 is just over a month away and the release of the highly anticipated FIFA 22 is getting closer and closer. An appointment, the one with the famous Electronic Arts sportsman, who is as always highly anticipated by millions of fans, who are preparing to crown FIFA 22 as one of the most played and sold video games of the year. A success, in short, foretold, which is now possible to book at a great price.

To make FIFA 22 a particularly awaited title is, as indeed every year, especially the Ultimate Team or FUT mode if you prefer. A mode that allows you to create the team of your dreams by buying highly talented players on the transfer market. If you want to get the most out of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, however, you will need to equip yourself with FUT Points, which is the virtual currency of the game that will allow you to get a more competitive team more quickly.

As easily predictable, FIFA 22 FUT Points will be made available for purchase together with FIFA 22 or, at most, a few days earlier. Once they are finally made available for purchase, you will find in this article all the various cuts of FUT Points for FIFA 22 at what will be the best price on the market, whatever your preferred gaming platform. PlayStation, Xbox and PC: wherever you decide to play FIFA 22, you can find here how to save and build your dream team in Ultimate Team as quickly as possible.

While waiting to finally be able to take down FUT Points on FIFA 22, have you already secured a copy of the title at what is the best price on the market?

Follow us and stay informed about the best offers!

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Can Points Be Transferred From FIFA 21?

FIFA 22 is on the horizon and excitement is building ahead of its release in October later this year, with a number of changes coming to its flagship Ultimate Team game mode.

For those keen on building the best squad around, Ultimate Team gives gamers the chance to form star-studded squads in the hope of achieving FUT glory.

That being said, many fans will have put their hard-earned cash into purchasing FIFA points - the in-game currency - during the span of FIFA 21.

FIFA 22 is scheduled for an October release later this yearFIFA 22 is scheduled for an October release later this year

However, players have since been left wondering whether the points they have in the bank on FIFA 21 can be transferred to the new game come its release in October later this year.

But is it possible? Here, we take a look at all you need to know about transferring FIFA points.

Can FIFA points be transferred from FIFA 21?

So, you’ve got points in your kitty on FIFA 21? Well, fear not.

One of the perks of FIFA points are that they carry over, so you don’t lose them once you move to the latest version of the game. 

The earliest you can transfer your FIFA points is during the EA Play Early trial, or when you first log in to FIFA 21 once you have the full game.

For example, the FIFA 21 points you’ve purchased will still be there if you decide to play FIFA 22. 

That is, of course, if you have any left in your bank.

What are FIFA points?

For those that are newer to FIFA and FUT, FIFA points are the main microtransaction that’s available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA points allow users to spend money on virtual currency that is used to open various packs in FUT, containing players, consumables and other club management items.