The Lord of the Rings: the Company traveling to Vesuvius

The Lord of the Rings: the Company traveling to Vesuvius

The Lord of the Rings

Some time ago we already told you about Nicolas Gentile, a lover of the Lord of the Rings who, together with his other friends, rebuilt his beloved County in Bucchianico, in the province of Chieti. Well, a few days ago a Fellowship of the Ring made up of four hobbits, two humans, a sorcerer, an elf and a dwarf embarked on a long pilgrimage from the County of Bucchianico to Vesuvius to throw inside which, in a symbolic way , a reproduction of the One Ring.

The Lord of the Rings: Vesuvius as Mount Doom

The journey to Vesuvius is described and documented by the Company itself through several posts that have been published on the MyHobbitLife Instagram page, which you can visit by simply clicking on this link. Since this is a journey that was undertaken on foot to be consistent with the spirit of the original work by J.R.R. Tolkien and this having begun a few days ago, the same has not yet concluded, even if by now the final stage, that is to say the so-called "local" version of Mount Doom, is getting closer and closer.

I boys of the Compagnia dell'Anello traveling from the province of Chieti should reach their destination in just two days, or next September 2nd. During the course of this long walk, the Company has naturally touched (or is in the process of touching) various stages, some of which are very popular tourist destinations, such as Pompeii, but also places whose charm is linked to the beautiful natural landscapes, such as for example the Sant'Antonio wood, located not far from L'Aquila.

Nicolas's project to recreate the County has not yet come to an end, as the Abruzzo hobbit intends to launch a fundraising campaign in order to expand it further, in order to be able to propose different activities and host more people as passionate as he about the bucolic life of the County.

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Lord of the Rings

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