EVGA X570 Dark, Kingpin gives us another look at the waiting motherboard

EVGA X570 Dark, Kingpin gives us another look at the waiting motherboard

EVGA X570 Dark

Popular overclocker Vince Lucido, known as Kingpin, shared another photograph of AMD's X570 Dark motherboard on his Facebook page, claiming that it is an overclocking monster. Of course, belonging to the Dark line, it is not surprising that EVGA's product will offer very high performance for overclocking enthusiasts.

EVGA anticipated the release of its X570 Dark several months ago and it will be the first chipset-based motherboard AMD after a long time. The board will feature an all-black aesthetic, with black PCB, chipset, M.2 heatsinks and a black coating on the rear I / O without RGB lighting. Next to the rear doors we can see the huge silver heat sink covering a supposedly high quality power system. What's interesting about this heatsink is its silver accent, which means it has an aluminum finish. Intel versions of the Dark board have copper heatsinks to cool the power delivery system, which leads us to wonder if EVGA chose aluminum for aesthetic choices or simply because Ryzen chips draw less power than Intel counterparts. especially Rocket Lake.

Credit: Vince Lucido / Facebook At the top we can see two DDR4 DIMM slots, a very common configuration for overclocking cards. Going from a four to two DIMM configuration offers enhanced overclocking support given the presence of shorter traces. To the right are two Q-code monitors for debugging errors and a power and reset button. Next to these we find the 24-pin ATX connector and two 8-pin EPS connectors, all angled to the right for better cable management. Below, we see eight SATA connectors and two four-pin PWM / DC fan connectors. The rear I / O appears to be packed full of connectors, with what appear to be six USB ports, two Ethernet NICs, and six rear audio jacks, as well as two antennas that will presumably be WiFi 6 compatible.

Overall , it appears that EVGA used its Z590 Dark card as the basis for the X570 Dark project, as they both look identical except for the silver heatsink.

EVGA's X570 Dark motherboard gets pictured

More details on the upcoming flagship AM4 motherboard

A picture of the EVGA upcoming X570 Dark motherboard has been posted online and shows what we can expect from this flagship EVGA AM4 motherboard.

Posted over at Facebook by Vince 'Kingpin' Lucido, the picture of the EVGA X570 Dark shows that the CPU socket has been rotated, putting memory slots above it, and thus providing only one DIMM per memory channel, pretty much making it overclocking-friendly.

The board will feature a plethora of overclocking features like hardware switches, voltage measurement spots, on-board buttons, POST code display, as well as angle connectors, two M.2 slots hidden behind a big heatsink connected to the chipset heatsink.

It will most likely also feature two Ethernet ports, integrated WiFi that can be spotted in the picture, a high-end audio solution, and more.

Unfortunately, EVGA still did not reveal an official launch date or the price, but we are sure we'll hear more about it as EVGA and Kingpin put their final touches on it.,

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