Metroid Dread: A new trailer shows the gameplay and reveals some interesting news

Metroid Dread: A new trailer shows the gameplay and reveals some interesting news

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread returns to show itself with the second official gameplay trailer, which mainly illustrates some game scenes but also reveals something interesting regarding characters and settings, with the possibility that these innovations may represent spoilers, so we warn you in advance .

This new Metroid Dread video shows Samus Aran engaging in high-speed, action-packed scenes, demonstrating how the new 2D chapter for the Nintendo Switch is extremely dynamic, even more so than we are used to seeing with previous, generally more reflective and slow in the exploration phases.

Among the scenes we can see a new high definition version and particularly detailed and disturbing of Kraid, a giant monster with which Samus has already had to deal in past, thus taking up the tradition of the enemies who return in new shapes and figures.

The mysterious figure that at Samus notch at the very beginning of the trailer, which based on its appearance seems to be a Chozo, that is a member of the particularly intelligent and technologically advanced alien species that we have also seen in Metroid Prime but which in this case seems somewhat aggressive, contrary to what it usually happens.

In addition to this, we can take quick glimpses of other game situations between jumps for platforms, fights and puzzles, waiting for the release of Metroid Dread set for October 8, 2021 on Nintendo Switch . A few days ago we saw a trailer that tells the story of the game, which also seems highly anticipated given that it is the Nintendo Switch title with the most pre-orders in recent months, according to Gamestop.

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Metroid Dread’s new trailer shows off a scary Chozo warrior

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Nintendo debuted a new trailer for Metroid Dread ahead of its October 8th launch on the Switch. Whereas the E3 2021 trailer was claustrophobic, featuring the E.M.M.I robots that will stalk you throughout the game, this one shows off bigger environments, as well as other enemy types and bosses that you’ll encounter along the way. Notably, Samus goes up against a gigantic living Chozo warrior, one that appears to share a lot in common with Samus in terms of its armor and arsenal. There’s also a boss that looks a bit like Kraid from Super Metroid.

Additionally, the trailer lets you get a glimpse of some new skills that Samus will pick up during the story. There are familiar ones, like the ability to do Samus’ signature screw attack, getting a speed boost to blow through walls, and collecting the grapple beam. But there are new abilities like flash shift, which lets Samus zip back and forth quickly to catch an enemy off guard, and a storm missile that can lock onto enemies and fire multiple times.

Once you watch the trailer above, check out the latest developer update from Nintendo. It’s full of new clips and screenshots that’ll either make the wait until its October 8th launch a little easier or much harder.