Nintendo Switch Online: after NES and SNES come the games of another console?

Nintendo Switch Online: after NES and SNES come the games of another console?

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription to the online services of the hybrid console of the Kyoto house that usually also offers several old titles of the old platforms that have made the history of the company. At the moment the catalog only hosts NES and SNES games, but some rumors want everything to be updated soon to accommodate the Game Boy titles as well.

These rumors would have been spread by two different sources: first of all NateDrake, famous insider who in his podcast Nate The Hate, would have reported that soon a selection of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles will arrive in the catalog of free games of the Nintendo Switch Online. A second rumor comes from the editorial staff of NintendoLife, the famous American magazine specialized in the Nintendo world: according to them, the Game Boy games will be available "very soon" for subscribers to the online service, confirming the same indiscretion of NateDrake.

The Game Boy is the next updated re-edition Game Boy Color were two consoles of immense success in the history of Nintendo, driven by the portability of the console, still a distinctive brand of the company, and by best-selling titles such as Pokémon. At the moment we do not know what will be the titles that will be made available in the Nintendo Switch Online catalog, but if the rumor is confirmed true we must take into account that we will have to make a selection among the thousands of works released on the old consoles.

Wanting to make some predictions, we believe that among the upcoming games there will certainly be some title that will have to accompany the new releases planned by Nintendo linked to the company's historical sagas that have had old glories also on the Game Boy: we are talking about Wario, from Metroid, from Advance Wars, and from Pokémon. We hope we got it right, while in the meantime the rumors about the imminence of a new Nintendo Direct in September are also changing.

Speaking of old glories, fourth generation Pokémon remakes are about to be released ona> Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order them from Amazon by following this link.

Nintendo Switch Online might actually be worth subscribing to soon

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Nintendo Switch Online could receive a massive shot in the arm, as Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are tipped to come to Nintendo’s subscription service in the near future. 

Game Boy and Game Boy Color games were first rumored to be coming to Nintendo Switch Online in 2019, thanks to a datamine that revealed four emulators were hiding inside Nintendo’s NES app. One of the emulators, ‘Hiyoko’, would reportedly enable Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles to run on Nintendo Switch

Speaking on the “Nate the Hate” podcast, known insider ‘NateDrake’ believes that Nintendo could add Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to the Switch Online service in the next few weeks. However, it’s unclear how many titles will hit the service initially, or whether they will be drip-fed into Nintendo’s growing retro library much like NES and SNES games are. 

Sources at Nintendo Life have also confirmed that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles should hit Nintendo’s online service “really soon”, though no specific date was given.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Game Boy Advance games or Nintendo DS will be coming to the service anytime soon. The Wii U offered titles from both handhelds via its Virtual Console service.

Even though you need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play online, Nintendo’s service isn’t very appealing, despite its cheaper price point. For starters, the online infrastructure on Nintendo’s system leaves a lot to be desired: you can’t send messages or use party chat on Nintendo Switch, and games that support voice chat are often handled by the dedicated Nintendo Switch Online app.

Nintendo’s wonderful Virtual Console service, which was one of the best bits about the Wii, still hasn’t been replicated either. Instead, Nintendo has a library of NES and SNES titles available, with questionable additions being added to the service at an agonizingly slow pace. 

In contrast, both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live are required to play online on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but Sony and Microsoft give away multiple games every month for users to download and keep as long as they’re subscribed. Discounts are also offered on various titles. 

The addition of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games won’t address the problems with the Nintendo Switch Online app, but they will at least provide more value to those who are subscribed to Nintendo’s service. Here’s hoping Nintendo doesn’t take an eternity to add the games people want, though.