Starfield: Bethesda introduces some of the locations from the sci-fi title

Starfield: Bethesda introduces some of the locations from the sci-fi title


Starfield fans have found three unlisted videos on Bethesda's YouTube channel in which the developers talk a little about certain locations in the sci-fi world. These are cities called New Atlantis, Neon, and Akila. Bethesda has already confirmed that the videos were sent to members of Constellation before the discovery. Fans can sign up for this on the Starfield website to get this game info before anyone else.


Starfield: Developer Video Depicts New Atlantis Capital of the Sci-Fi Title before loadVideoPlayer ('84294', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 16, '16: 9 ', false, 1378517, false, 267571, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); In the first video we get to see New Atlantis. The capital of the United Colonies is set to be one of the most important places gamers will visit during their sci-fi adventure. New Atlantis is also home to Starfield's strongest military and political party. Another location is Neon - the video from Bethesda can be found below.


Starfield: Developer video introduces the drug city of Neon from the sci-fi title loadVideoPlayer ('84295', ' & 4zu3 & sAdSetCsategory = article_featured ', 16,' 4: 3 ', false, 1378517, false, 267571, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Neon was founded on an old fishing platform and is now the destination of many travelers looking to try Aurora. This is a special alien fish that causes drug-like conditions in its users. Finally, Bethesda introduces Akila in the current developer video.


Starfield: Betheda presents capital Akila in the new developer video for the game loadVideoPlayer ('84296', '& sAdSetCsategory = artikel_featured', 16, '16: 9 ', false, 1378517, false, 267571, 260, false, 0 , '', '', false); Akila is the capital of the Freestar Collective and a heavily protected place. Several walls are put up around Akila to keep out the dangers of the outside world. Deadly alien predators guard the area there. Bethesda recently published a trailer for Starfield at E3 2021. However, fans still need to be patient before they can start their own sci-fi adventure. Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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Three New Starfield Videos Show Off More Locations For Bethesda's Space RPG And How Travel Works

While we do have some more time to wait before getting our hands on Bethesda's upcoming space RPG, the studio did reveal three new Starfield videos for fans to enjoy. The three latest developer updates share more details about new locations that players will be able to explore.

The latest inside looks at Starfield are pretty short in nature, but it is interesting to see some of the vision that the team has for space exploration. While not gameplay, the concept art shared is intriguing and has us interested in seeing where this game will take us for a new adventure. 

First, we have New Atlantis, seen in the video below: 

Then we have a location called Neon: 

And finally, Akila: 

New Atlantis is the capital for a sect of people known as the United Colonies, a powerful faction that is a major player in the realm of galactic politics. Given what Bethesda has said about New Atlantis, it's pretty much a given that this will be one of the larger areas explored in-game, and possibly one of the most complex. While cool, Neon is where I am the most excited! Neon is a water world that basically looks like somebody saw an aquarium and thought: yes, this is Utopia. 

Akila is another capital city, but this time for a collective known as Freestar. It also has some major Attack on Titan vibes with that wall, just saying. 

While fans have been understandably frustrated at such an early reveal, Pete Hines and Todd Howard have been very transparent about this title was early on in its development since it was revealed. They have also been very clear that it was only shown off so prematurely in order to assuage fan worries that they were abandoning single-player after the reveal of Fallout 76. That being said, it is nice to finally get something more concrete, especially now with the additional resources that the acquisition has to offer. Luckily, though, at least now we have a date, even if it is a little further off than many might have hoped. 

Starfield officially launches next year for Xbox and PC players on November 11, 2022. 

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