Tado ° smart thermostat for half the price on Amazon!

Tado ° smart thermostat for half the price on Amazon!

With the continuous increase in energy prices, it becomes increasingly essential to use every possible means and tool to reduce consumption and consequently expenses, especially for heating, given the approach of winter. This is why smart products for home heating management come to our aid, such as the tado ° smart thermostat which, on the occasion of the exclusive Prime offers, you can find at a 41% discount, dropping the price to only 129, 99 €!

Click here to buy tado ° Kit Base for 129.99 € Thanks to the smart thermostat tado ° V3 +, monitor and set your home heating in the smartest way possible, thanks to the remote control that allows you to control via smartphone app and set the temperature optimally based on various factors such as outside temperature, presence or absence of people at home, open windows and more.

Thanks to tado ° geolocation it will know if there is someone in the house and will be able to understand if you are coming back in order to set an optimal temperature only when necessary, in order to save you what you can and avoid waste. Have you opened the windows to ventilate? tado ° understands this and automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid high consumption. All these functions are also executable and controllable via Google Assistant and Alexa.

Read also: Smart and wi-fi thermostats | The best of 2022 In short, especially in this historical period it becomes essential to save on energy costs and a tool like the tado ° smart thermostat, especially with such an interesting offer, becomes a useful ally to fight energy waste and cut costs. Furthermore, if you want to further expand and improve your system, you could also consider purchasing thermostatic valves for your radiators, to have even more accurate control over the temperature of each room.

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