Cyberpunk 2077: mod allows you to play as Lucy from Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077: mod allows you to play as Lucy from Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077

Several times we have spoken and praised the new anime work Cyberpunk Edgerunners on these shores. The success and fame that this new animated series is obtaining has not only allowed many to know the universe of this franchise, but the excellent reception of the series by Studio Trigger and Netflix has also allowed the Cyberpunk 2077 video game to live a real and own new youth. In all of this, the players who have found themselves enjoying the anime have taken the CD Projekt RED game by storm, and even the modders are indulging themselves in creating new content.

if ( jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_gamedivision_d_mh2_1"). The creator of the mod called Lucy's Beginning Custom Start has also revealed some plot details to try to make his work canon, declaring that "after waking up in the dump in nomadic territory, Lucy joined a clan with the pseudonym of V. A monowire user betrayed the nomadic clan and tried to resell it to Arasaka. After these events Lucy meets Jackie, and ultimately decides to use her real name as she joins the Edgerunners crew. ”

In this new mod that combines Cyberpunk 2077 and Edgerunners, players will be able to then play and role as Lucy like never before thanks to a new beginning created ad-hoc. If everything has been able to attract your curiosity you can find the mod and all the information you need to install it correctly on NexusMod at this address.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Is My Favorite Story RPG Since ‘Mass Effect,’ Three Vs Later

Cyberpunk 2077


As I finished up my third playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 in the wake of its latest patch and the release of Edgerunners, something occurred to me.

I can’t actually remember the last time I beat a single player story game three times.

Cyberpunk 2077 has its hooks into me much deeper than I realize, and the more I think about it, the more I’m understanding that this is the most engaged I’ve been with a story RPG since the original Mass Effect trilogy. And even then, I didn’t play that more than twice, a Renegade and a Paragon playthrough.

Mass Effect


This isn’t to say I haven’t liked other story-based single player games between now and then, there have been plenty I love. But even my all-time favorites, The Last of Us 1 and 2, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Elden Ring, I haven’t beaten more than once. I was perfectly satisfied to finish those once and move on, but Cyberpunk? Something about Cyberpunk dragged me back into not one or two but three full playthroughs, spanning probably 200 hours in total.

Why? Well, I don’t really like experiencing 100% of the exact same story again, so I see no real reason to replay games like God of War or The Last of Us twice when there are no player choices to be made. No real way to change things meaningfully the second time. Even a comparable game to Cyberpunk like GTA 5, with its open world city and loads of crimes, you’re really not going to extract much of anything different from a second playthrough

But Cyberpunk gives me those Mass Effect vibes in away that other games don’t. It has two main components that make me want to play it again:

You can do totally different builds and playstyles in additional playthroughs. In Mass Effect that may have been biotic versus tech versus all-out soldier, in Cyberpunk you could be a stealthy ninja, a quickhacker or a guns-blazing tank, in addition to some mix of all those.

Cyberpunk 2077


But the other part is that like Mass Effect, you can form different relationships in your different playthroughs, even though admittedly, Mass Effect offers way more diversity than Cyberpunk, which herds you into one of four love interests. Still, it’s enough to significantly shift aspects of the story, and my three Vs, one who is dating Judy, one who is dating River and one who is a psychopath dating no one, all feel very different from one another.

I’m also just engaged with these characters in a way that I’m not with most other games. I absolutely think that CDPR did a stellar job writing and voicing V herself, which is incredibly difficult for a first person only character. On top of that, characters like Panam, Judy, River and Kerry are compelling and interesting, as is Jackie, which is what makes the intro hook of the game so meaningful and memorable.

Do I wish Cyberpunk went further? Absolutely. It remains a tragedy that the game’s life paths ultimately amount to nothing but a single quest and a few dialogue options. Being forced into one romance based on your gender and preferences is irritating. And you really do only need a single playthrough to experience one of the 6-7 variants of the ending, given that you can just reload and try them all.

But I genuinely have been hooked by Cyberpunk’s characters and Night City itself which has made this a compelling place I want to spend time, and something I’m willing to do three full playthroughs for, which I genuinely cannot remember ever happening in a game like this. I’m not saying it’s better than those other games I only played once, but there is some sort of magic here that I think more and more people are starting to realize exists, including CDPR, which is why they’ve planned out this upcoming sequel. It had the rockiest of starts, but I feel like a decade from now, we could be living in a world where Cyberpunk is a significant gaming IP and all these early growing pains will be forgotten.

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