Scorn: first video analysis on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Steam Deck, good results

Scorn: first video analysis on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Steam Deck, good results


Scorn obtains a first video analysis with comparison between the PC, Xbox Series X, Series S and Steam Deck versions, generally obtaining good results and highlighting data such as resolution and frame-rate on the various platforms.

The video it is the work of the usual ElAnalistaDeBits, always very fast in carrying out this type of processing even if limiting itself to the most basic data on the technical implementation of the games. In this case, Scorn appears to obtain good results in terms of resolution and graphic quality even on consoles and Steam Decks.

As for Xbox, Scorn runs at 60 fps on both models of Microsoft platforms, with Lower resolution on the S Series, where 1080p is measured against 2160p (4K) on the Xbox Series X. The entry level console also appears to have a lower level of detail over distance and lower texture filtering than the Series X.

The Xbox Series X version basically corresponds to the higher settings of the PC version, with the YouTube channel manager calling Scorn "one of the most solid and unique renders seen on Unreal Engine 4", no less. Also notable on Steam Deck, where the game is displayed at the highest settings of the PC version but with a resolution of 800p which obviously makes you lose some details, as well as a frame-rate that settles at 40 fps.

The entire range of Nvidia RTX 30 GPUs is able to display the game at the highest graphics settings without problems, while DLSS support has been announced as coming but is not yet present in this launch version. We also remember our review of Scorn published yesterday, as well as the particular case of the very polarized first votes with which it was welcomed by the press.

Have you noticed any errors?

‘Scorn’ doesn’t have a map, tutorials or text. Let us help.

The haunting biomechanical world of “Scorn” has lots of creepy architecture, grotesque monsters, gore and disturbing moments of body horror. What it doesn’t have a lot of is information and context.

“Scorn” has no map, inventory, tutorials, dialogue or text, and the game’s simple UI only appears when needed. The game doesn’t give you any explicit clues on how to solve its many puzzles. There are no NPCs to guide you along, collectible voice recordings offering hints or signage to point you to your next destination. It’s a minimalist approach that, while immersive and very rewarding, can sometimes be frustrating. The combat, which is similarly bare-bones, is designed to make you feel like you’re just barely getting by.

This is a spoiler free guide on how to navigate “Scorn’s” world and deal with its hostile abominations.

Press, push and pull everything

Interact with every object and device you can find. There are no instructions for anything, so the game encourages you to explore and experiment often.

Some puzzles have multiple dials and switches you can interact with. If you’re having trouble with any of those, make sure you click all your movement keys multiple times. In one instance, I found myself stuck on a puzzle — until I realized there was a switch I had missed because I never clicked my back movement button. It was a puzzle with multiple switches that could all be rotated using the left and right movement keys, but the piece in the middle wasn’t selectable until I used the back key.

Some mechanisms may not have an obvious purpose or effect. Activate them and pay close attention to what happens. How the machine reacts will show you how it works and hint toward what to do next. One early puzzle, for example, involves a door controlled by two consoles. One console opens the door while the other removes the locks. You can’t use both at once. Time to think: What if there was some way you could activate one and keep it working?

Don’t forget to check your surroundings, as well. The room you’re in can provide clues to what a machine does. Take a close look at any items that may be scattered around the floor, as well as anything that could serve as a connection to something else. Watch carefully for any changes that may have occurred in the room after you tried something.

The most complex puzzles in “Scorn” involve devices that activate things in other parts of the world, so keep your ears open and listen for something that might be awakening on another part of the map.

Video games keep getting longer. It’s all about time and money.Be prepared to backtrack

Each act in “Scorn” ends with a big puzzle that unlocks the next area, and those puzzles will require you to constantly revisit old areas. You’ll be spending a lot of time running back and forth as you play around with various objects and try to figure out how they connect with each other.

Unfortunately, while “Scorn” is fantastically rendered, the uniform design can make it easy to get lost in some areas. If you want to get really old school, you can draw your own maps to mark where you’ve gone and what you’ve found.

You suck at combat, so fight carefully — or don’t fight at all

Your player character is an unassuming, naked humanoid who is terrible at fighting. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll get a handful of weapons to defend yourself, but you will still suck at fighting. The game makes it clear that you’re a desperate survivor, not a soldier. Sometimes, the best course of action will be to run away.

But when you do have to fight, be conservative. Even the weakest enemy in the game requires three shots from your biomechanical shotgun, and ammo is scarce.

In the beginning, you’ll have a giant pneumatic hammer as your only weapon, which sounds cool, but it’s actually a rather mediocre weapon. You’ll need four jabs to kill the main abominations in the game, and your hammer needs to recharge after two consecutive strikes. In between that time, you’ll have to dash behind cover to avoid the abominations’ tracking ranged attack or run in wide circles.

Other times, your best option will be to avoid combat altogether. If a giant monstrosity patrolling an area hasn’t spotted you yet, keep it that way.

Keep your health topped off at all times

You can’t regenerate health in “Scorn” and the only way to heal yourself is through blood sacs extracted from dispensers. Use the blood sacs as soon as you get them to keep yourself topped off at all times. The healing animation is somewhat long and it’s definitely not something you want to be worrying about when you get caught in a fight.