Liz Truss resigns, apparently it lasted more than a lettuce

Liz Truss resigns, apparently it lasted more than a lettuce

Liz Truss resigns

After just six weeks in office, Liz Truss announced her resignation as Britain's first minister, becoming the prime minister with the shortest term in UK history and missing out on the Daily Star's lettuce challenge. The British tabloid bought a 60p lettuce a week ago, wondering if the vegetable would last longer than the Truss government.

“Prime Minister Liz Truss has finally resigned, in a glorious victory for the Daily Star lettuce, ”reads the tabloid's website. Purchased in a Tesco grocery store, lettuce has become a caricature of the weakness of the conservative leader, who came to power in early September 2022 and almost immediately hit by a political implosion within her party and 10 days of mourning. for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The joke started with a joke by the Economist, according to which Truss's hold on power would have been just seven days, "more or less the duration of a lettuce". The Daily Star decided to take this issue seriously and to place a real lettuce on a table next to a framed photo of the premier on October 14th.

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Being compared to lettuce was one of the indicators of Truss's terrible time at the helm of the government, after the Conservative party elected her in September, replacing Boris Johnson. In particular, her proposal to cut taxes has wreaked havoc among her fellow party members, alarmed markets, and caused the pound to plummet, forcing her to back off and send Kwasi Kwarteng, a former finance minister and her closest ally, home. in government.

Since then, sixteen Conservative MPs have publicly demanded his resignation, which Truss then officially decided to present after a meeting with Graham Brady, head of the Conservative parliamentary group called the 1922 Committee. The outgoing leader announced that she has already communicated her decision to King Charles and that the next elections for the new or new leader have been set for the last week of October.