Is iPhone 14 Plus a flop? Apple appears to have stopped production

Is iPhone 14 Plus a flop? Apple appears to have stopped production

According to the rumors circulated on the net in the last few hours, it seems that, noting the poor sales success of the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple had to ask the factories that assemble them to stop production.

"Credits: geekinco Guide"
This at least is the case with the iPhone 14 Plus i whose sales results were so unsatisfactory that Apple was forced to stop production. The information was reported by The Information: Apple would have contacted the factories asking to stop the production lines dedicated to the iPhone 14 Plus.

The reasons behind these poor sales (poor at least for Apple's expectations) although difficult to identify with certainty, they can at least be intuitive.| ); } For our part, if we really wanted to identify a "culprit" for this behavior on the part of the market, we would most likely point the finger at the selling price: iPhone 14 Plus costs about $ 100 less than the Pro version. But the latter has decidedly better hardware.

It is not the first time that the new iPhone series is at the center of production downsizing: already last month the iPhone 14 “base” was subjected to the same treatment. Apparently the only models that do not seem to be victims of this decline in interest in any way are (almost paradoxically) the flagship device: iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

To the point that the well-known analyst Ming- Chi Kuo went so far as to claim that Apple would ask Foxcon to divert the iPhone 14 production line to the Pro model.