Ps4 at the end: stop the production of the console

Ps4 at the end: stop the production of the console

Ps4 at the end

Ps4 has officially come to an end: the glorious console recently replaced by Ps5 is no longer in production and Sony has declared that it will no longer disseminate the sales data which therefore will remain firm at the last communication of last May, which stopped the count at 117 , 2 million units sold worldwide in the various years of distribution. This announcement does not mean that it will no longer be possible to find Ps4 in physical and online stores, since it could take a long time before the stocks available to the various retailers run out. Also because the new generation console Ps5 is still very difficult to find and Ps4 so far has managed to guarantee an excellent alternative shoulder, especially in its Pro version.

With the cessation of the cycle productive of Ps4 the transition between the old console and the new one can be declared complete, also explaining the reason for the absence of data in the last fiscal report recently. Certainly it is curious to note how the awaited video game God of War Ragnarök will officially debut on November 9th, which can therefore be considered the last great Ps4 game with regard to exclusive first parties, while for third-party productions, several months could pass. of announcements that also embrace the console now definitively passed on the side of history. What will happen to all the millions of Ps4 owners? Basically nothing since Sony will continue to release security updates and software improvements as well as guarantee the right assistance for a console that can undoubtedly be defined as very successful.

Introduced in February 2013, the Ps4 debuted in Europe on November 29 of the same year and therefore ended its race just before turning 9 years old. The almost 120 million units sold far exceed the 87 or so of the previous Ps3 even if they remain under the console of records, the iconic Ps2, able to sell over 157 million pieces worldwide. The best-selling game ever on Ps4 will obviously remain Gta V, around 20 million worldwide. With 19.3 million units sold so far, Ps5 seems destined not to have such an easy time to score the same numbers as Ps4, given that its release was cut down by the well-known semiconductor crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic. Time, as usual, will give us all the definitive answers.

Sony has 'officially' ended the PlayStation 4 lifecycle

This just in: Sony has 'killed' the PlayStation 4.

The PS4 couldn't quite sell a few million more units to reach the 120 million mark.

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This is one of the biggest takeaways from Sony's latest gaming earnings report. Make no mistake, the focus is still on the slight hit that video game unit sales took in the last quarter. But, as TweakTown points out, it also served as the 'death certification' for the PlayStation 4.

According to TweakTown, all the Sony earnings reports from 2014 until the quarter before its latest one had a section specifically for PS4 console shipments. The Q122 report did not have such a section.

Instead, Sony replaced it with a section for PS5 sales. This is the signal for the end of the PS4. Then again, this was a long time coming, Sony first launched the PS4 in 2013. With this 'confirmation', it appears that Sony's earlier statement that it will make a million more PS4 units for the year was for the last batch.

Now that Sony is expected to stop producing more PS4 units, PS4 sales will top out at 117.2 million. It's not quite enough to topple the PlayStation 2's record at 155 million but it should secure a top 5 finish of all time, as the Nintendo Switch is expected to eclipse its sales in the next few years after already outselling the PS4 in the United States.

The PS4's place as the fourth best-selling console in history is probably safe for a couple of years.

At the end of the day, this is good news for PlayStation fans. Sony eventually had to stop supporting the eighth-generation console. With this revelation, God of War: Ragnarok is the last big exclusive to be playable on the PS4. Although this would mean that PS4 owners will need to upgrade to the PS5 to enjoy future exclusives, Sony is making sure that more of its flagship console will become available. In the same report, Sony confirmed that it will start to ship more PS5 consoles this fiscal year than ever before.

If Sony succeeds with its plans, it will ship 18 million PS5 systems through the current fiscal year. This is a new PlayStation sales record.

In the meantime, PS4 and PS5 owners can enjoy the PS Plus free games lineup for next month starting on August 2. A boatload of Yakuza games is also headed to the PS Plus Extra and Premium lineup in the next few months.