Elden Ring: Godrick defeated to the sound of rock 'n roll, literally

Elden Ring: Godrick defeated to the sound of rock 'n roll, literally

Elden Ring

Months after the launch of the acclaimed Elden Ring, the community of fans of From Software productions shows no sign of abandoning the interregnum created by Hidetaka Miyazaki in collaboration with George R.R. Martin. The high challenge rate and the wide replayability that the game offers pushes many to return to populate this dark fantasy world from time to time, but not everyone is looking for traditional experiences, and there are also those who, like this passionate , has decided to face one of the most colossal enemies armed with a guitar.

Elden Ring
Luality, this is the nickname of the girl on the net, has posted the final result of this experiment on her social networks. On Twitter, specifically, you can see a one-minute clip that sees her eliminate the fearsome Godrick. The incredible thing, however, is that this girl has no intention of stopping here, and on her Twitch channel you can follow the adventure she is carrying out in the From Software game, obviously all played with the guitar.

ROCKING GODRICK TO DEATH !!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/8BJBU5CqzO

- Luality (@luality) October 11, 2022

Huge Elden Ring update will seemingly make players a lot harder to kill

Elden Ring, the game that feels like it was released several years ago but was in fact launched just this February, has announced a massive update. According to Bandai Namco on the game’s website, the patch intends to “encourage more versatility in terms of gameplay” — if “encourage” also means “make you a nigh unkillable god in single player.” A lot of weapons and spells were buffed, very few things were nerfed, and it seems like it’s going to get a lot harder to kill your friends in PVP. The patch notes are indeed massive, but I’ve picked out a few highlights.

Glintstone Pebble / Shard Spiral: increased attack power

The single best offensive spell, great for chip damage and sniping enemies you don’t want anywhere near you, is getting a buff. Hell. Yes.

In addition to the Glintstone Pebble buff, a lot of commonly used spells like Comet and Loretta’s Greatbow are getting similarly buffed with reduced FP consumption. But tragically, Rock Sling — another excellent, poise-breaking, and generally fun-as-shit spell — was not included in this round of buffs.

Rotten Breath / Ekzykes’ Decay: reduced Scarlet Rot status effect buildup

Shit! The developers figured out our secret: Scarlet Rot everything that moves. Rotten Breath was critical to my success against resident Horse Dude Radahn and the dreaded Godskin Duo, and the move generally makes quick work of anything you’re too lazy (or smart!) to fight traditionally. The nerf feels particularly mean as it will likely not apply to Scarlet Rot-using enemies like Malenia or Decaying Ekzykes. Boo!

While the news surrounding Elden Ring has slowed to a trickle, most new updates pertained to supplementary media like board games and wall art rather than the game itself. Data miners are plundering the depths of the update’s code and have seemingly found hints that ray-tracing graphics tech is being added (which should make The Verge’s Tom Warren very happy) as well as references to new areas that may indicate the oncoming arrival of the much-rumored DLC add-on.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about potential DLC soon. Perhaps that news will come during this year’s Game Awards event, where Elden Ring is looking very likely to take home every award it’s nominated for, including Game of the Year.