Spider-Man played with a Muppet is the new crazy mod for PC

Spider-Man played with a Muppet is the new crazy mod for PC

With the arrival of more and more PlayStation exclusives also on PC, many of the great Sony franchises are finding new fans, but not only. As you well know, the world of PC gaming goes far beyond the normal gaming experience, and with mods you can modify entire games on multiple levels, making them, sometimes, almost unrecognizable. To touch the infinite potential of the mods there is also Marvel's Spider-Man, who was the protagonist of a crazy mod.

The mod in question does not totally change the experience proposed by Marvel's Spider-Man, far from it, but it modifies one of the most significant elements, namely the model of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Instead of playing as Spider-Man, with this mod it will be the Muppet Kermit the Frog to slap the New York thugs, complete with an integrated web shooter to whirl around the big apple in complete freedom.

We've officially reached the peak of Spiderman modding pic.twitter.com/HWDpktorjy

- Okami Games (@ Okami13_) August 28, 2022

This is just one of the latest mods, but we know very well that the countless modders never stop and are tireless when it comes to creating something original to add to the most important games of the moment. With the arrival of PlayStation exclusives on PC, Sony has taken a very important step to expand its brand, but PC is not the only market in the company's viewfinder, and a major mobile-themed acquisition was announced just a few hours ago. gaming.