Bonuses 200 euros and 150 euros, blocked professionals: why?

Bonuses 200 euros and 150 euros, blocked professionals: why?

Bonuses 200 euros and 150 euros, blocked professionals

The Ministry of Labor has ordered the temporary stop to the payment of bonuses 200 and 150 euros for professionals, the one-off contributions provided for by the Aid and Aid ter decrees to cope with high prices and inflation.

How reports the Ansa agency, the director general for social security and insurance policies of the department Angelo Marano has in fact sent a letter to the various private banks, recommending them "not to proceed with the liquidation" of the bonuses. However, the request came after the various entities had already proceeded to make thousands of transfers to the professionals who had applied for them since last September 26.

The letter, sent by the ministry to 17 private and privatized of the various professional categories, he emphasized the need to carry out a careful control of expenditure before resuming liquidating contributions. In fact, the dicastery recalled in its note the provisions of article 5 of the ministerial decree of last August 19, the rule that governed the measure: the INPS and the private banks are responsible for monitoring the applications presented and those admitted to payment, in order to respect the established spending limit, and the communication of the results on a weekly basis to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. The rationale of the rule obviously lies in the possibility for the dicastery to block the payment of bonuses in the event that deviations from the spending limit should occur.

The concern of the professionals who requested the two contributions has already subsided. The ministry in fact communicated on the evening of Wednesday 19 October that "with regard to press reports relating to the payments of bonuses for professionals, it is specified that this is a temporary suspension due to the need to update, reorganizing internally at the directorates-general of the ministry, the expenditure monitoring system, taking into account the overall ceiling envisaged by the law ". The dicastery offices will give instructions to the funds so that they can restart payments as of today.