Amouranth revealed that she was worth a fortune, to a hater who had invited her to go to work

Amouranth revealed that she was worth a fortune, to a hater who had invited her to go to work

Amouranth revealed that she was worth a fortune

Amouranth is literally worth a fortune. 100 million dollars. To reveal it was she herself, replying to one of her haters on her Twitter that he had invited her to look for a job. In short, ours had the answer ready as usual and made it clear for the umpteenth time that it is not attackable from the point of view of money.

Amouranth: "If I just put my money in the S&P index (say the $ VOO, considering the historical average returns), when I am 40 I will be worth $ 100 million. Keep your real job, you fits much better. "More precisely, the hater, who now seems to have deleted his message, had remarked that one day his appearance will no longer help him and that at forty he will no longer be able to use his breasts to make money. She obviously she won't need it.

Kaitlyn 'Amouranth' Siragusa is the most famous and followed Twitch streamer in the world. Known for her erotic content, she boasts millions of followers and viewers, with millions of dollars grossed on OnlyFans. Over time, ours has built a real personal business empire, which includes gas pumps and a plastic ball factory.

Basically it is a classic case of a person blessed by all those who hate and publicly despise him, who do not realize they have made his fortune.

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OnlyFans modelling agency wants to ‘propel’ Amouranth to the next level

Amouranth strikes back with financial advice (pic:

Amouranth has once again showed what a savvy businesswoman she is, as she tries to help her fans make it big.

Twitch streamer Amouranth is by far the most popular female creator on the platform, with her channel boasting over eight million followers. 

She’s also known for making seemingly random investments and she frequently talks about her finances on Twitter, offering fans and fellow creators her advice. 

However, a modelling agency misread the situation, thinking that she needed help with her finances and has offered to ‘propel’ her to the next level of her career.

The agency offered to manage Amouranth on OnlyFans, claiming they have a strong group of clients and that they’ve been in the business for almost two years.

However, the money-savvy streamer needs no help, as she’s managed to turn a profit from petrol stations to plastic ball manufacturers. She only draws the line at expeditions to look for hidden gold.  

She posted a screengrab of the message on Twitter, blasting the agency for not doing their research properly, as she’s also not shied away from showing her profits online. 

The modelling agency was also specifically targeting OnlyFans newcomers and if they had taken a better look at Amouranth’s account, they would know she’s already well-known on the platform. 

Not long ago, Amouranth revealed she makes roughly $1.5 million per month by sharing spicy content on OnlyFans, having taken home just over $27 million by July 2022. 

In the same conversation, the modelling agency sent Amouranth proof of its signed creators’ profits, which were substantial… but not even close to the streamer’s numbers. 

Ahead of the exchange between Amouranth and the modelling agency, she posted a series of Tweets urging her fellow Twitch and OnlyFans creators to invest their money back into themselves. 

She explained that a creators’ edge comes in the form of putting focus, time, and money back into their primary endeavours. 

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In the past, Amouranth also shared her ‘secret sauce’ to success and rather than being anything risqué it’s mostly just very sober, sensible business advice.

Whether you choose to follow Amouranth’s financial help is up to you, but she’s doing something right that’s for sure. 

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