Would you pay 1 euro to be able to change songs? Spotify tests a new subscription

Would you pay 1 euro to be able to change songs? Spotify tests a new subscription

Various video and music streaming services are experimenting with new subscriptions to try to convert their free tier users into paying customers. One of these is Spotify, which would be offering some users a plan with a monthly cost of about $ 1 but with limited functionality.

After the release of the new user interface we told you about in recent days, Spotify is experimenting with a new level of paid subscription for its music streaming service.

Spotify is in fact offering some of its users who currently use the free plan a subscription with an extremely low cost, at the expense of undergoing to some small compromises.

Exactly like the users who use the most famous streaming service in the world for free, the subscribers to the new 1 dollar a month plan (which in our country will probably be raised to 1 euro ) would continue to have access to all their favorite music and podcasts interspersed with some periodic advertisements.

Why pay Spotify Plus dunqu And? Because this economic plan allows you not only to skip to the next song an unlimited number of times (free accounts have a limit of six skips per hour), but also to play any song at will just like the premium users.

Considering that this new subscription does not allow access to the highest quality streaming, would you really be willing to pay 1 euro a month just for the ability to manually select the tracks?

Spotify can count on about 200 million users on a free plan and, although the aim is to convert the latter to a premium subscription, most likely those who are used to using the service for free hardly need the extra functions proposed. On the other hand, the risk is that those who are currently paying for a more expensive plan decide to switch to this cheaper version.

So you just have to wait and find out if Spotify will ever decide to make the new service "hybrid "Available for everyone or if the tests will end in a stalemate.

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