Xbox Series X | S: streaming games on xCloud usable during download?

Xbox Series X | S: streaming games on xCloud usable during download?

Xbox Series X | S

Xbox Series X | S and probably also Xbox One could allow the use of games streamed through xCloud during the background download of the same game, according to a rather questionable interpretation of a hermetic image leaked online by Microsoft.

The Twitter account "Lumia Updates", which has already provided some interesting previews in the past on the Microsoft world, has simply published the image in question, visible in the tweet below, which appears to be a official illustration on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but without any explanation.

The image is not easy to interpret, but according to several users it could refer to the possibility of using the game in streaming through xCloud while waiting for the actual download of the same title in the background. In this way, the waiting times would be practically zero because you could start playing directly via cloud gaming waiting to then move on to the use of the downloaded game once the download is completed.

However, everything must be brought back to the conditional, because there is no certainty about this interpretation: it could still be a feature dedicated to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users, considering the brand present on the image, but the interpretation it is still quite free.

The same Twitter account reported that "in a few days" the news to which the image refers will be revealed, so we would only have to wait to understand more precisely what it is. Recently, we have seen that Microsoft has upgraded the Xbox Cloud Gaming servers with the Xbox Series X, expanding the service.

Have you noticed any errors?

Xbox Series X | S

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