Xbox Series X: Microsoft will probably buy exclusive games and studios

Xbox Series X: Microsoft will probably buy exclusive games and studios

Xbox Series X

Those responsible at Microsoft are apparently supposed to have further takeovers and exclusive deals in the pipeline. In the last few days, rumors from well-known insiders have surfaced again, talking about future projects of the Xbox makers. Among other things, the Hitman developers from IO Interactive were among the studios mentioned.

There should be no takeover here, but according to Jez Corden from Windows Central Microsoft is probably interested in an exclusive deal for Project Dragon, the is currently reportedly under development in the brand new IO studio in Barcelona. The previously unannounced fantasy role-playing game will run for ten years and Microsoft apparently wants to bind the title exclusively to Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Venture Beat editor Jeff Grubb then spoke about another in a podcast Project that Microsoft apparently wants to have exclusively. Accordingly, the company should be in negotiations with Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions. The focus is probably on a horror game that was supposed to be created for Google Stadia. Since the title will no longer be created there, Microsoft would now like to have the project. Kim Swift (Portal, Left 4 Dead) is said to have been hired for the Xbox team especially for this purpose.

Rumors of a newcomer to Xbox Game Studios revolve around Avalanche. The makers of Just Cause or the Contraband announced at E3 2021 (exclusively for Xbox) are said to be presented soon as a new development studio. Recently there were also rumors about a takeover of Crytek - but there are no new details yet.

Source: GamesBeat Decides / The XboxEra Podcast

Xbox Series X Restock Update for Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, Sam's Club and More

The Xbox Series X (in black) and Xbox Series S (in white) on display in a Tokyo game store, just ahead of their release in November 2020. © CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/Getty Images The Xbox Series X (in black) and Xbox Series S (in white) on display in a Tokyo game store, just ahead of their release in November 2020.

The Xbox Series X has been restocked at several major retailers over the past few days, including GameStop, Target, and Costco, but these units have been quickly snapped up.

It is unlikely that any more units will be released this week, but you can still pick up the less-powerful Xbox Series S if you know where to look.

Below is a breakdown of the latest information on Xbox Series X restocks.

Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock

As predicted in our latest PS5 restock update, Sony's next-gen hardware was available from Best Buy on Thursday.

While the PS5 drop was expected, what did come as a surprise was the fact that the Xbox Series X was also up for grabs last night. At around 6 p.m. ET the console was released for $499.99, without any accessories or games.

Both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 have since sold out at Best Buy.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Best BuyGameStop Xbox Series X Restock

GameStop also restocked on the Xbox Series X this week, as they released a new bundle on Wednesday evening. The package—which included 24 months of Xbox All-Access—could be paid for in monthly instalments of $34.99, but it has now sold out.

GameStop has been one of the more prolific sources of Xbox Series X restocks lately. Last week they held a series of in-store events, in which customers were invited to wait in line at participating retailers for a chance at purchasing one of Microsoft's elusive consoles.

Now that their inventory has been depleted, GameStop is no longer listing either the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S on their website. If the situation changes, the likes of @Wario64 or @GYXdeals will be the first to break the news.

Check Xbox Series X restock at GameStopTarget Xbox Series X Restock

After we published our Xbox Series X restock on Wednesday, Target began selling new units on their website. The console was briefly available for $499.99 but, as always, it sold out within minutes.

On the plus side, you can still pick up an Xbox Series S from Target at $299.99 and it will come with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included.

Check Xbox Series X restock at TargetCostco Xbox Series X Restock

On Wednesday, Costco was selling both the Xbox Series X—and the PS5—though its stock has since sold out.

Both consoles were bundled with copies of MLB The Show 21, as well as the relevant online subscription memberships. In the case of the Xbox, this meant that three months of Game Pass Ultimate were included with the hardware, alongside a Seagate storage expansion card. The entire package cost $789.99 and has since sold out.

To be alerted whenever similar deals become available at Costco, follow dedicated trackers like @Wario64 or @GYXdeals.

Check Xbox Series X restock at CostcoNewegg Xbox Series X Restock

As we reported in our previous restock update, there were multiple opportunities this week to enter Xbox 'shuffles' at Newegg.

For context, these shuffles are basically lottery draws that the retailer uses to distribute its more popular items. While you can still view the Xbox bundles on the Neweggg website, the associated shuffle did close on Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET.

Check Xbox Series X restock at NeweggSam's Club Xbox Series X Restock

Xbox Series X units are currently unavailable at Sam's Club, but you can still place an order for the cheaper Xbox Series S. The all-digital version of Microsoft's next-gen console is packaged with a Tritton wired headset and a blue controller, in a bundle that is priced at $399.98.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Sam's ClubAmazon Xbox Series X Restock

While the Xbox Series X is sold out at Amazon, you can buy the Xbox Series S from the online marketplace for $407.99. At the time of writing, these supplies are extremely limited and so could sell out at any minute.

Check Xbox Series X restock at AmazonAntonline Xbox Series X Restock

The less-powerful Xbox Series S is also available from Antonline, where it is bundled with a pair of wireless controllers for $359.98.

Check Xbox Series X restock at AntonlineWalmart Xbox Series X Restock

Walmart already had a big restock on Thursday 17 June, so it is unlikely that they will have any more Xbox units over the coming days.

If the Xbox Series X does become available at Walmart, Twitter accounts like @Wario64 or @GYXdeals will be the first to let you know.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

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