The first level of Super Mario entirely in cardboard thanks to two Japanese children

The first level of Super Mario entirely in cardboard thanks to two Japanese children

Is it possible to make a functioning Super Mario console completely out of pieces of cardboard? The answer is yes, and it was two six-year-old Japanese children who made them. Father Yan, known as @ twinkeepingat1 on Twitter, posted the work. But let's take a closer look.

Super Mario: the cardboard replicas

Apparently, Yan's son has decided to create a cardboard replica of the level as a holiday task. 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. with a mobile wallpaper and working controls. Mario is attached to a loop of fishing line and can be moved using the two dials, and the 'level' is actually a long, rolled piece of paper that rotates when the wheel attached to the console moves.

Yan explained that the project was done as part of his son's summer assignments, more specifically as part of the independent study assignments.

Here is the video with the Super Mario Bros. game:

ま さ か 自 分 の 息 子 が ゲ ー ム 機 を 創 る と は! www

面 白 い か ら 自家 製 マ リ オ 観 て 観 て !!!

- や ん (yan) (yan) (@ twinkeepingat1) August 16, 2021

Apparently, the child, according to his father, was inspired by the tutorials posted by YouTubers around the world, citing in particular the YouTube channel Brazilian Invenctor.

But it doesn't stop there because Yan actually has two twin children, whom he calls "Twin A" and "Twin B". After seeing the creation of Twin A, Twin B decided to create a console of his own, this time with Mario Kart. Nothing to say that the two brothers are both incredibly talented.

お 待 た せ し ま し た ー! 双子 B の 作品 投 げ ま ー す (笑)

- や ん (yan) (@ twinkeepingat1) August 18, 2021

Twitter users have been thrilled with these children's works and have spared no praise:

"Incredible. Make sure you praise them a lot and cook their favorite meal as a reward. "

“The boys are great, but the father is also great for encouraging them. I can say that they are a beautiful family. "

"Can they teach me how to do it too?"

"Even if they just followed a tutorial, it's still amazing."

"I wonder if you can do wall glitching in this game?"

"The frame rate is so smooth!"

Certainly these summer homework is more exciting than the old math homework. This shows that the best kind of homework is the one that encourages students to have fun while they learn and who knows if these two kids will become video game creators in the future.

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