Steam Deck will become Valve's standard in one aspect

Steam Deck will become Valve's standard in one aspect

Steam Deck intends to revolutionize the PC gaming market a bit by transforming the Valve platform into a library that can be used in portability. For this reason, according to a spokesperson for the company, the entire Steam service and the new hybrid console will gradually align more and more in one aspect: the user interface.

Steam intends to replace its Big Picture mode with the UI shown in the new Steam Deck devices announced a few days ago. A Valve moderator comments on his company's choice: “We are replacing Big Picture with Deck's new UI. We don't have a release window to share yet. "

Big Picture mode was designed by Valve to be used on a TV with a controller, so you can comfortably manage your Steam library and catalog without the aid of a mouse. This mode can be started from any device, including the PC, by clicking on the dedicated button at the top right of the Steam client, or by pressing the "Home" button on your controller while the platform screen is open.

Steam Deck is designed to add a new mode of enjoyment to PC games, namely with portability. This requires a screen that is easier to manage with controllers and touch controls. Since the console will be able to connect to other screens, it will be to understand if this new UI will then work on larger screens such as those of TVs. The Steam Deck interface, in other words, will become the standard for the use of Steam outside the PC environment.

Steam Deck pre-orders have already started last Friday, February 16, marking a booking boom. The console will arrive in the hands of players in a period between December 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, but it is not excluded that shipments will be spread a little throughout the course of next year.

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