Hades: The themed controller for Nintendo Switch arrives and it's gorgeous

Hades: The themed controller for Nintendo Switch arrives and it's gorgeous


Hades has arrived on Nintendo Switch a little over a year ago, achieving a notable success among the players of the great N. If you are among them maybe you will be happy to know that PowerA has announced a new model of wireless controller for Switch inspired by the roguelike of SuperGiant Games .

The Hades-themed Enhaced Wireless model features a bright red colorway, with artwork of the protagonist Zagreus in plain sight in the right handle. On the front, the various icons present in the game are drawn. The controller is currently available for preorder on Amazon.com, with a release date set for September 17th. In the past, other designer PowerA controllers have also arrived on Amazon.it, as well as in the catalogs of other retailers such as GameStop.

The Hades controller for PowerA Switch For those unfamiliar with PowerA controllers, we are talking about products licensed by Nintendo and therefore fully compatible with Switch, both in portable mode and with the console connected to the dock. The models in the Enhaced Wireless series are similar to Nintendo's acclaimed Pro Controller, with the difference that it lacks rumble support and NFC player, but on the other hand, the price is generally lower.

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Defy The Underworld With This Awesome Hades Nintendo Switch Controller

Hades is a charming roguelike that took the gaming world by storm when it first debuted and now that it's on other consoles, more players are jumping into Zagreus' quest to defy his father. For those itching to play on a particular platform, there's a new Hades Nintendo Switch Pro controller that is a cool grab for fans of what this mythology-inspired tale has to offer. 

The new Hades controller is made through PowerA, a licensed third-party peripheral brand that makes controllers exactly like these to spice things up a bit. If you like the design of the Pro controller, then PowerA's latest design is perfect for you, though its Enchanced Wireless controller does not include an NFC reader to work with amiibo. 

It doesn't look like pre-orders are available quite yet since it is reading as 'temporarily out of stock' on Amazon, but the listing is live. If you're wanting to scoop one of these bad boys up, be sure to be watching for stock to become available here. 

We couldn't help but to sing the praises of Hades when we first reviewed the game on PC, but our own Matt Miller was happy to continue that trend in his recent console version overview. 'Whether you snag a copy on PlayStation or Xbox ($24.99 digital, $29.99 physical edition) or you simply redownload that copy you played through last year, I can say with confidence that you’ll have a good time,' he said. 'Either way, consider starting a new save file and watching Zagreus’ adventure unfold from the beginning. Supergiant Games has crafted a game with real staying power, and while that might not be quite as impressive as fighting your way out of hell, your replay will prove it's a worthy feat.'

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