Borderlands 3: Five weeks of events to celebrate the second anniversary

Borderlands 3: Five weeks of events to celebrate the second anniversary

Borderlands 3

To celebrate the second anniversary of Borderlands 3, which will take place on September 13th, Gearbox has organized five weeks of events, thanks to which players will be able to accumulate loot at will until September 16th.

Specifically, the developers have organized four mini-events Universal looting. Each phase will take place over a week during which a Borderlands 3 planet in turn offers a greater chance of finding Legendary loot. Each zone will be assigned a legendary weapon type (pistol, shotgun, SMG, assault rifle, sniper rifle, or heavy), but you may also find legendary gear, such as class mods and artifacts.

Borderlands 3 Here is the complete lineup of Borderlands 3 looting mini-events:

Week 1 (from 6pm on August 12 to 5:59 pm on August 19 ) - Pandora Week 2 (from 6pm on August 19 to 5:59 pm on August 26) - Promethea Week 3 (from 6pm on August 26 to 5:59 pm on September 2) - Eden-6 Week 4 (from 6pm : 00 of 2 September to 17:59 of 9 September) - Nekrotafeyo

But that's not all. From 6:00 pm on September 9th, two other mini-events will also start, namely "Chaos, sweet chaos" and "Bring out the Eridium". With the former you will find simpler modifiers for Chaos mode, while the latter offers a bonus to the Eridium obtained and discounts at merchants.

Gearbox also has another surprise in the pipeline for September 13, the day of the second anniversary of Borderlands 3, but in order not to spoil the surprise we will talk about it in the coming weeks.

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Borderlands 3 gets five weeks of mini-events for its second anniversary

Borderlands 3 is two years old! Or, one year old if you prefer to play your games on Steam. Developer Gearbox is celebrating the loot ’em up’s cake day with five weeks of mini-events that you’re now free to dip into – that’s more attention than I ever got for a birthday.

We’re starting with Loot the Universe, which sees Borderlands 3’s planets take turns becoming the epicentre of better drops each week. You’ve got a better chance of getting specific types of legendary loot in one of the planet’s zones. It works a lot like it did last year, with each planet’s affected zone offering a dedicated weapon type. You may even get some legendary gear, like a class or grenade mod. This week, the fun is happening over on Pandora before we travel to Promethea, Eden-6, and Nekrotafeyo, where we’ll be wrapping this up on the week starting September 2.

Gearbox has also laid out the next two mini-events. Mayhem Made Mild kicks off on September 9 alongside Show Me the Eridium. The former limits Mayhem Mode to easy modifiers for fun shenanigans, whereas the latter features oodles of Eridium drops and item discounts.

There are more mini-events planned after that, though Gearbox is keeping its cards close to its chest, so you’ll need to wait and see what comes your way.

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