Xbox and Activision: Sony says what Microsoft can't do, even if it acquires Call of Duty

Xbox and Activision: Sony says what Microsoft can't do, even if it acquires Call of Duty

Xbox and Activision

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard is under consideration by the CMA, the English antitrust. Sony obviously does not want everything to go through and does not want Call of Duty to become Xbox exclusive. In reality, however, Sony is also concerned about the simple fact that Microsoft gets hold of the saga and has indicated what the rival company should not be able to do in that case.

Precisely, the conditions indicated by Sony PlayStation - in addition to the fact that Call of Duty remains cross-platform - they are as follows:

Microsoft must not create additional content exclusive to the Xbox version of Call of Duty Microsoft must not perform better Call of Duty on Xbox hardware Microsoft does not must offer benefits via Xbox Game Pass for those who play Call of Duty

As for the last point, the benefits of Call of Duty via Xbox Game Pass could include additional modes, features, or quite simply the fact that the game is included on the Xbox Game Pass, which is certainly in the company's plans, perhaps even as early as D1.

A character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II We will have to wait for the CMA to make a final decision initive on the question. In the meantime, the entity has raised several doubts about the acquisition and disagrees with the Brazilian entity.

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