Twitch: Amouranth has revealed that she is married and has been abused by her husband

Twitch: Amouranth has revealed that she is married and has been abused by her husband


Top Twitch streamer Kaitlyn 'Amouranth' Siragusa made a dramatic confession live, revealing that she is married to a man who has abused and abused her in a number of ways, not least by convincing her to do the lives themselves.

The dramatic confession, which almost sounded like a plea for help, was made live on October 15, 2022. Currently the video recording is not accessible from his Twitch channel, but the clips are circulating online on various social media.

Apparently Amouranth's life is not all glitter and happiness During the live, Amouranth has several charges against her husband, some very serious. According to her words, the man threatened to kill her dog, control her finances and force her to live stream. Besides, he would even threaten her to leave her with nothing.

The abuses have been going on for years. In one clip, the streamer asks her husband why she talked about killing her dog, to be answered by a male voice: "Leave the house". The same rumor then mounted on a rampage and began accusing her of lying.

Text messages between Amouranth and her husband were revealed in a second clip, in which the woman is continually insulted and called "dumb f ** k", as well as repeatedly threatened.

In some replies you can read that the man told her that he threw away some things of her, because she was not doing what was ordered. In others, her streams are called "junk".

During her live Amouranth also promised to break up with her husband and that her claimed single status is about to become true. Apparently he was the one who ordered her to pretend to be single and engage in live hot tubs.

Amouranth also confessed that she never said she was married, following an order from her husband. According to him, doing so would ruin their business. The stream ended abruptly after a female voice asked her if she had taken her medication.

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