The new roads of retail: on October 26 Cantiere Futuro at Palazzo Giureconsulti

The new roads of retail: on October 26 Cantiere Futuro at Palazzo Giureconsulti

The new roads of retail

Cantiere Futuro, the event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza, Brianza and Lodi in partnership with, returns to Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan. The appointment is Wednesday 26 October, at 6.30 pm. The focus of the fourth event is on the evolution of digital commerce: 'The new ways of retail: ecommerce and omnichannel'. On stage, industry leaders and analysts, starting with Roberto Liscia, president of the Netcomm consortium, a point of reference for online commerce in Italy and abroad. With him there will also be Elisa Serafini, former Uber and Glovo journalist and manager, partner of Macai, and Alessandro Terranegra, founder of Donkey Commerce and the Localistic platform that brings online sales to small villages. The event can be followed in attendance from 18.30 at Palazzo Giureconsulti and in streaming.

Ecommerce, which has been in the lives of all of us for years now, is a sector in consolidation but which still has ample room for growth. According to a research conducted by Netcomm together with the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2022 the value of digital commerce will exceed 48 billion. A net leap of 20% compared to 2021. A record achieved thanks to online merchandise, + 8% to 33 billion euros, but above all thanks to the more consistent acceleration of services that jumped by 60% in one year, up to to 15 billion euros in value.

Overall, however, despite absolute numbers and growing trends, the potential of the sector is still enormous. In fact, the same research reveals that in 2022 the incidence of ecommerce on total retail, i.e. the sum of what is sold online plus when marketed in the store, remains stable at 11% as regards products, while it increases in services where incidence passes from 12% in 2021 to 14% this year.

Even the little ones can become champions

There is a prairie to ride on, but how to do it? Roberto Liscia, president of Netcomm, will photograph the growing trends and will analyze with the director of Federico Ferrazza what are the main differences between the European market and the frontrunners of the sector, the United States on the one hand and China on the other. To turn the resources there are, thanks to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, but to ensure that they are adequately spent, it is necessary to fill the gap that, in Europe and even more in Italy, is holding back the growth of digital: skills.

Elisa Serafini, who passed from disruptive multinationals such as Uber and Glovo, will help to understand how to accelerate digital knowledge to speed up growth, while Alessandro Terranegra will bring his experience as an innovator to work in small provincial towns and villages Italians with its Localistic platform. Because now is the time to really get anywhere.