PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S: The gap between Sony and Microsoft has grown even more

PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S: The gap between Sony and Microsoft has grown even more

PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S

The PS5 price increase imposed by Sony was an excellent opportunity for Ampere Analysis to further analyze the video game market and its division between the Japanese giant and Microsoft. Obviously we do not speak at the software level, but more instead with regard to the hardware market and the sale of consoles, a fragment that is not always easy to analyze, due to the data that must necessarily be shared by the manufacturers and which are often reluctant to issue them. in a complete way or with correct explanations below.

Ampere Analysis is not really a correct research on the numbers and quantities sold, but more an estimate (certainly very close to reality) , which deserves to be read. According to the company, PS5 currently has a much higher market share than the two Xbox console models. Sony has sold (between the standard and digital consoles) about 21 million units, while Microsoft has sold (between the two available models) 13.8 million units. Important numbers from both sides, which however show us how the video game market still chooses PlayStation in the majority, also thanks to the presence of the brand and the great work done by Sony over the years to establish itself as a gaming machine capable of offering experiences. memorable games like Uncharted games, The Last of Us and God of War.| ); }
PS5 and Xbox Series S | X were launched in November 2020. Even today, about two years after launch, it is hard to find them permanently in physical stores and online. There are several players who do not yet have a next-gen console in their hands, and this problem could last a long time due to the semiconductor crisis.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S

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