Silent Hill f would be Project Sakura, suggests The Snitch

Silent Hill f would be Project Sakura, suggests The Snitch

Silent Hill f would be Project Sakura

Tonight, as you know by now, a livestream dedicated to Silent Hill will be broadcast. Officially we do not know what will be shown, but through the metadata of the YouTube video of the official Konami stream we have discovered some details. Among the various there is a certain "Silent Hill f". Now, according to a suggestion from The Snitch, it is thought that this product is the rumored Project Sakura.

As we have already indicated, some clues from the Silent Hill live have allowed us to see a series of names, such as Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill Ascension and Silent Hill f. The latter is certainly the most "strange", since the subtitle is only a letter. We don't know if it's the actual name of the game, but according to The Snitch - as you can see in the tweet below - it would be Project Sakura.

That conclusion comes from the fact that The Snitch shared a tweet that only includes the letter f and two pink flowers. Sakura is the cherry blossom, famous for its pink color at the moment of maximum bloom. The Snitch reference is therefore quite straightforward.

Project Sakura should be a sort of demo or prologue to a new Silent Hill chapter. It should be a PlayStation exclusive, similar to PT: obviously the hope is that this time everything goes well. According to some old rumors, this demo should have been ready by the end of 2021, but it has been postponed.

Considering we are close to Halloween, the release of a demo / prologue for a new Silent Hill seems to be more that credible. It's not long enough: tonight you can follow the event (with geekinco on Twitch, of course) and find out everything firsthand.

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