Samsung gaming monitors up to 30% off from Yeppon!

Samsung gaming monitors up to 30% off from Yeppon!

In case you are looking for a new gaming monitor, you will definitely be pleased to know that from Yeppon numerous Samsung products in this category are discounted up to 30%. Starting from the entry level solutions up to the top of the range: any type of gaming monitor you are looking for, you will most likely find it on offer on Yeppon.

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Many types of Samsung gaming monitors are heavily discounted on Yeppon, including the highly popular and popular Odyssey series products. The Odyssey G3, for example, can now be yours for just 179.99 euros with almost 80 euros discount, while on the formidable Odyssey G7 you can save just under 180 euros. Are you looking for an entry level product of excellent quality? On Yeppon you can find the Samsung C24RG50FQR with curved IPS panel, 144 Hz refresh rate and only 4ms of response time for just € 158.99.

If you are looking for the nec plus ultra of gaming monitors, both the futuristic Samsung Odyssey Ark, as beautiful as it is exclusive, and the Samsung Odyssey G9, offered with even € 779 discount and in capable of offering 32: 9 wide resolution of 5120x1440, 240Hz, 1ms, Freesync Pro, G-Sync and HDR1000. However, many other gaming monitors are also discounted on Yeppon, for a decidedly considerable saving whatever your choice.

Read also: Samsung Odyssey G9: 49 ″ gaming monitor at 520 € discount! In addition to the countless Samsung gaming monitors super discounted at Yeppon, there are also many other offers on the market. In order not to miss a single one, we refer you to our three Telegram channels dedicated to offers. In them you will find up-to-date information on all the best offers in progress on the various stores. All with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech and Clothing and Sports. By comfortably following the link below you can instead find all the Samsung gaming monitors on offer on Yeppon.

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