Red Dead Redemption disappears from the PlayStation streaming catalog

Red Dead Redemption disappears from the PlayStation streaming catalog

Bad blow for PlayStation users. Six years after its introduction into Sony's cloud service (now bundled within the PS Plus), the first Red Dead Redemption has disappeared from the catalog. No errors, no bugs: simply Rockstar Games has decided to remove the game, as practically always happens with its games, which come in and out of the various catalogs of similar services.

The news is obviously negative for all PlayStation players. On Xbox, for example, the problem does not arise: Red Dead Redemption is in fact playable on Xbox 360, Xbox One and also on new generation consoles, obviously thanks to backward compatibility. On Sony consoles this does not happen: the only way to be able to play the title at this point is to retrieve an original console (ie PS3) and a physical copy of the title, available anyway with regularity practically everywhere, but only second-hand.

Let's be clear: Rockstar Games can and should do whatever it wants with its IPs. In this case, probably, as always, the fault lies with the producers. Failing to integrate true backward compatibility can lead to such problems. The cloud works very well and is an excellent alternative, but of course as long as the game remains forever within a given service. And if Sony can guarantee this for all its titles, it is impossible for such a guarantee to be present also for third-party titles.

Red Dead Redemption (1) is no longer available to stream on PS Plus / PS Now after 6 years of its debut on the service in 2016.

The only current modern way to play Red Dead Redemption is now officially on Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles and third-party emulators for PC.

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Red Dead Redemption debuted in 2010, two years after the incredible GTA 4. The game was discussed for a long time and according to some rumors Rockstar Games was working on a remastered version for PS5 and Xbox Series S | X. At the moment it is impossible to verify the veracity of this information and we do not know if the project has actually been stopped or (more simply) if the works have never really started.