Ministers of the Meloni government: did they take the wrong oath?

Ministers of the Meloni government: did they take the wrong oath?

Ministers of the Meloni government

During the oath of the new government led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, some observers criticized the use of the verb observe in the oath formula by some ministers, judging it incorrect, which took place at the Quirinale on the morning of Saturday 22 October in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. The ministers, according to journalists and political commentators, should instead have said "observe" to stick to the correct formula.

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The law formula

In this case, however, the person who used the verb observe is right. In fact, it is sufficient to refer to law 400 of 1988, which regulates the activity of the government and develops the order of the presidency of the Council of Ministers. In Article 1, paragraph 3, we read the correct formula of the oath that the President of the Council of Ministers and the ministers swear in the hands of the President of the Republic: "I swear to be loyal to the Republic, to loyally observe the Constitution and the laws and to exercise my functions in the exclusive interest of the action ".

That "observing it", in the correction of the observers, would tie the Constitution to the Republic. However, it is not foreseen by the official formula. Nor can one think of an error in the printing of the tickets delivered to the ministers with the formula to be recited. As the chroniclers present at the ceremony were able to verify, the leaflets reported the formula as per the 1988 law. Therefore, there was no mistake in carrying out the ceremony at the Quirinale.

The oath of the Meloni government The ceremony that officially confers full functions to the new executive was held at the Quirinale, in front of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella

The government takes office

The formation of the government Meloni is one of the fastest in Italian history, reaching an interval of only 27 days between the elections, held last September 25, and the first oath. However, it failed to surpass the 24-day record of the fourth Berlusconi government in 2008, from which, however, it has recovered in its list of ministers figures such as Raffaele Fitto, Eugenia Roccella, Guido Crosetto, Roberto Calderoli and Sebastiano Musumeci as ministers and ministers, already at the time undersecretaries or ministers.