GTFO: ALT: // Rundown 1.0 Deviation reissue available, Rundown 2.0 to 6.0 coming soon

GTFO: ALT: // Rundown 1.0 Deviation reissue available, Rundown 2.0 to 6.0 coming soon


10 Chambers has surprisingly announced the re-release of ALT: // Rundown 1.0 Deviation for GTFO, the 4-player cooperative hardcore horror FPS.

Starting today, players can experience ALT: // Rundown 1.0 Deviation and Rundown 7.0 Rise permanently, while versions from Rundown 2.0 to 6.0 will be released one after the other until the release of Rundown 8.0, which will pack the full storyline of GTFO.

ALT: // Rundown 1.0 Deviation is not a simple reissue - hence the term "ALT: //". The team explains that this is an alternative experience to the original Rundown. Since Rundown 1.0 was released in 2019, the team has devoted "a lot of time and effort to updating GTFO's game mechanics, features and overall appearance. This will be reflected in ALT: // Rundown 1.0 Deviation and in all subsequent re-editions. "

The ALT: // Rundown 1.0 Deviation poster" Since GTFO's Early Access release in 2019, we've released seven major updates to Rundown, constantly refining the game with the addition of of new mechanics and features and checking out what works and what doesn't. We are entering the next phase where we want to make all of the previous story and Rundowns available to existing and new players, but with some new features. our community to find out for themselves, without spoilers about the story, ”says Robin Björkell, communications director of 10 Chambers.

Now that all previous Rundowns are definitively available, fans will be able to experience "the full GTFO experience, instantly going from gripping suspense to explosive life-and-death action, discovering the dizzying storyline. from the beginning to its bloody conclusion. Use stealth and strategic teamwork and use all the various weapons and magazines to try to safely complete all the nightmare missions in eerie environments on all levels, facing terrifying enemies. "

"As the Rundown system is in a new phase, where we will not delete the previous content with the new one, GTFO will grow to be a huge cooperative FPS in terms of content. If you go back and look at the Previous rundowns and add Rundown 8.0, you can start to imagine how much GTFO will grow, "says Robin Björkell. "Since GTFO's initial launch in 2019, the community has grown steadily - boasting one of the most active Discords in the world - and many haven't played all of the previous Rundowns. Today, that changes with the release of ALT: // Rundown 1.0. Deviation. "

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