DC Films: Is Superman Back After Black Adam? The future is increasingly uncertain

DC Films: Is Superman Back After Black Adam? The future is increasingly uncertain

DC Films

Now it's official: Walter Hamada, who had been working as the president of DC Films within Warner Bros. since 2008, has left his role. The hypothesis of his abandonment had been circulating for months now: although during his direction some of the most successful films of this cinecomics universe were released, such as Aquaman and above all Joker (the film forbidden to minors that has earned the most in history), his decision to leave was in the air after the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery and especially after the decision not to release Batgirl, effectively archiving his plans to develop superhero projects on two tracks, bigger titles in theaters and others streaming derivatives.

Hamada then chose to keep his position until the release of Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson, which took place in these days. But even this last film, while destined to break the box office and overcome blockbusters such as Ticket to Paradise by the couple Julia Roberts-George Clooney, is not at all convincing the American critics, who are unable to see the film that would have lifted the fortunes of the DC Universe, as announced. For now, a replacement has not yet been found for Hamada's coveted and delicate role, Warner Bros. Discovery boss David Zaslav has confirmed his intention to continue with an ambitious but also mysterious ten-year plan to revive DC Films, while rumors begin to circulate about the next films in the pipeline.

Among the most insistent rumors is that of a return of Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. The most probable hypotheses are those concerning a Man of Steel 2, but for his part Dwayne Johnson is repeatedly reiterating that he would like to see a Superman vs. Black Adam (and further rumors about post-credits scenes seem to confirm this latter direction). Cavill had somehow hinted that he had left the role of Man of Steel behind, but new scripts may have changed his mind. No update, however, on the film about a black Superman that J.J. was working on. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates, who in any case has always had a destiny independent of the biggest sagas.

Other news on the future of Dc Films concerns Matt Reeves' The Batman: the director is said to be working not only on a sequel with Robert Pattinson, but also other films that would delve into several Batman villains, "ranging from Scarecrow to Clayface and Professor Pyg", without considering Colin Farrell's Penguin spin-off series. Then there is Wonder Woman 3: director Patty Jenkins would already have a first preliminary version of the script to send to the Warner bosses. Finally, James Gunn is also involved in another project at the moment top secret: together with producer Peter Safran he would be working on an unspecified mystery movie, but his priority for now is the second season of Peacemaker, the series with John Cena derived. from his The Suicide Squad.