CMON: the crossover between Zombicide and Iron Maiden is coming

CMON: the crossover between Zombicide and Iron Maiden is coming


C'Mon, manufacturer of the well-known board game, has announced that the iconic mascot of the metal group will make an appearance in Zombicide.

CMON : the crossover between zombicide and Iron Maiden is coming

At the heart of practically all the covers of the British band, Eddie is, quite possibly, the most famous mascot in the world of music, to the point that it is practically impossible not to have seen it at least once. His iconic and unique features already allowed him to go beyond the world of music long ago (entering, for example, into the world of video games). Each version will be compatible with different games produced by C'Mon. The fifteen pieces will be divided into three different releases, each with different models and components that can be used in different board games. It will also be possible to purchase a unique bundle which, in addition to the aforementioned fifteen miniatures, will also contain an exclusive version of Eddie that can be used as a survivor in Zombicide.

The current announcement is yet another confirmation of how C'Mon intends to carry on the crossover of the well-known board game with the most diverse brands. In recent months, the American company has in fact announced several packages that introduced many other well-known "faces" of pop culture into the universe of the zombie killing game. Just to name a few examples: Supernatural, The Boys, Thundercats, Ghostbusters and different versions of Batman from the Dark Nights Metal series. The success of Zombicide has always been amazing: recently the subject of a second, and more modern, edition (of which you can read our review here), the C'Mon product seems to be one of those games that can go through the years without losing never their own enamel succeeding, indeed, to attract new enthusiasts. And the addition of Eddie in the "cast" is yet another confirmation.