Bayonetta 3: PlatinumGames posted a message to defend actress Jennifer Hale

Bayonetta 3: PlatinumGames posted a message to defend actress Jennifer Hale

Bayonetta 3

After days of silence, the development studio PlatinumGames has published an official note on the situation of Bayonetta 3, to defend the actress Jennifer Hale from the attacks received following the public statements of Hellena Taylor, the former voice actress of Cereza, the protagonist of the game.

"We at PlatinumGames offer our sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed to creating the Bayonetta series over the years, as well as to the community that has been its foundation.

We want to give the our full support to Jennifer Hale as the new Bayonetta and confirm everything she wrote in her release.

We also ask everyone to avoid any further comments that are disrespectful of Jennifer or any other contributor to the series. "

PlatinumGames does not actually enter into the question of money, merely giving its public support to Hale and urging the community to stop the toxic attacks against it.

Briefly remembering what happened, Jennifer Hale was targeted by the Bayonetta 3 community after Hellena Taylor posted a message calling for a boycott of the game after explaining why she dropped out of the role for via the economic offer that has been made to it. According to her, he was offered $ 4,000, but some news reports claim that the figure ranged between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000, because she was offered $ 3-4,000 per recording session. So far, the only one involved to officially take a stand was Jennifer Hale, due to the attacks suffered by the community.

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