Avowed: Details on Obsidian's development and hopes revealed by Jez Corden

Avowed: Details on Obsidian's development and hopes revealed by Jez Corden


Jez Corden, a well-known journalist, spoke again about Avowed, Obsidian's action RPG. Corden has revealed some details on the development of the game and what are the hopes of the team working on the work.

The information was shared via the Xbox Two podcast and then transcribed on Twitter by the user Souls Ninja, as you can see below. According to reports, Obsidian had changed the direction of the game as she had become more ambitious. The team felt the need to aim higher with Avowed after becoming part of Xbox Game Studios. The team had provided multiple features for the game and wanted to prove that they were an AAA team.

Unfortunately, Obsidian apparently failed to get everything they wanted to put into the game to work and so decided to go back to their own pass, with Avowed, and focus on the parts of the game that matter most.

It seems that the Avowed team has decided to "create an Obsidian-style game", starting from what they did with The Outer Worlds and creating a bigger and better RPG. The conclusion they came to was that the team - even with Microsoft's support - is still a small team compared to a company like Bethesda, which can put hundreds of people on one project. Obsidian does not have this possibility.

As reported, Jez Corden also stated that Avowed is already visually very beautiful: he also specifies that what he saw was an old version of the game, therefore the final version should be even better. Finally, according to Corden, what happened during the development of Avowed cannot be defined as a "reboot" of the game: the term was used by Schreier in one of his reports on the videogame, but for the journalist it is not the best term because the development is not it's started over.

Earlier, Corden also said Avowed "will impress people" and that changing some developers helped.

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