Adrenaline Rush: winners and numbers of the Great Italian Game Jam

Adrenaline Rush: winners and numbers of the Great Italian Game Jam

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush, the Great Italian Game Jam, is over and it's time to find out the winners and the details of this new contest. Held from May 16 to August 15, 2022, the game jam served to gather already active development studios with new recruits who would like to work in the world of video games, with a very specific goal: to create and develop the prototype of a mobile video game. Created by myAppFree in collaboration with AppsFlyer, the event saw a great mass participation, which led to the creation of many hyper casual action games for mobile.

There were over 100 teams participating in Adrenaline Rush development, for over 300 developers who have accepted this challenge. These numbers have led to the production of over 30 titles, all developed together with tutors and mentors, who were also able to give advice during the production of the prototypes.

The Game Jame prizes have been divided into three categories , in addition to the main ones: The Charmer, intended for the game with the best KPI performance during the test period, The Keeper, intended for the game with the best D1 retention, and The Bewitcher, intended for the game with the highest average time during the test period. test. All three prizes were worth 3,000 Euros: the first was awarded to The Duck is Crazy, the second to Gunman Rush and the third to Gas Farmer.

And it's time on the round!

Yesterday 15th of August 2022 we officially closed the submissions for Adrenaline Rush 2022!

A big round of applauses to all the teams who took part in this challenge and best of luck!

Now it's time for the tests, eyes on the prize!

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In addition to the monetary prizes, Adrenaline Rush has also awarded some special mentions and jury prizes. Among these games we find Goscurry, by GhostShark Games and AstroVortex, by MNZ Games. The Great Italian Game Jam ended in this way, but the organizers have already promised that there will be other initiatives to celebrate the world of video games. Hoping, of course, that more and more people and developers (both budding and professional) will approach such initiatives favorably.