Quake one step away from the return! First details emerged on the net

Quake one step away from the return! First details emerged on the net

In recent weeks, the possibility of re-embracing the much-loved Quake saga has arisen very soon. In addition to the Champions multiplayer experiment a few years ago, not too popular with fans, it seems that now, with Quakecon 2021 at the door, we will be able to witness the great return of the iconic shooter brand. While we await official confirmation, the official ESRB video game classification site gives us a strong clue about the great return of this historic franchise in high demand by its fans.

After a very clear mention of Quake in the program of the various panels of the upcoming Quakencon 2021, it would seem that a new game in the FPS series has been classified on the ESRB site, but not only. Inside the site, in addition to the product classification, we can read a full-bodied synopsis of what this new project would be for the return of that saga that together with DOOM has shaped an entire genre.

In the new Quake " we control a time traveling soldier in order to stop an evil force that wants to destroy the whole of humanity. Players will have to explore medieval-style labyrinthine environments and use various weapons such as: rifles, nail guns and grenade launchers to eliminate different types of enemies such as, for example: zombies, demons, scorpions or humans in first-person run & gun combat "

Quake has been rated by the ESRB for PC, PS4 / 5, XBO, XSX / S and Switch https://t.co/3tK8Jqq6Lj pic.twitter.com/8sDnLkerB5

- Nibel (@Nibellion) August 19, 2021

The official announcement is still missing at the moment, but if the rumors are true, let's expect a nice surprise already tonight during Quakecon 2021. we know today thanks to the ESBR, this elusive new Quake game would be destined on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms.

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