Xbox Series X | S: render and upscale with machine learning in development

Xbox Series X | S: render and upscale with machine learning in development

Xbox Series X | S

With the advent of the new generation, the console world has had a boost in terms of the gaming experience and technical elements. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S have been available for almost a year, and have already allowed fans to enjoy some new features. On the Microsoft side, the American company is currently working to make its gaming platforms even better thanks to the support of Machine Learning.

To make it known is the same company from Redmond through a recent job advertisement popped up on the net . Microsoft is said to be looking to leverage the DirectML API to improve the performance of next-generation games on Xbox Series X | S consoles. As Epic, NVIDIA and AMD have already demonstrated, upscaling techniques may be the key to greatly improving the visual fidelity of future titles.

As mentioned in the job posting, the Xbox team is looking for experienced computer graphics and machine learning engineers to explore new ways of improving traditional ways of rendering using neural networks and other AI algorithms. The candidates in question must have at least 5 years in software development behind them, which underlines how the figure that Microsoft is looking for will have to deal with a complex operation, but one that can revolutionize gaming on Xbox platforms.

We currently have no other clues relating to the task facing the candidate (or candidates) and we will most likely see the concrete results of this work in the Microsoft forges in some time. In the meantime, the Redmond company will continue to push on what it is doing well in recent years, namely services such as Xbox Game Pass and the new experiences coming from the many development studios purchased.

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Xbox Series X | S

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