PSN Sale: New game deal of the week is online - offer for PS4 & PS5

PSN Sale: New game deal of the week is online - offer for PS4 & PS5

PSN Sale

Sony is expanding the current PSN sale and is putting the offer of the week online. In the coming days, the publisher will also put a game in the spotlight. This week's offer of the week is Scarlet Nexus: You get the role-playing game in the deal for 41.99 euros - a price reduction of 40 percent. The same discount is available on the Deluxe Edition, which you can currently click into your game library for 50.99 euros. In addition to the full version, the more expensive edition contains the Brainpunk package, which includes the digital soundtrack, a digital art book and the special combat clothing set. The latter offers the trailer "The Other" and three additional plug-in variations.

A look at the price comparison shows: The Sony offer is one of the top deals. In the price comparison, the prices for the disk version currently start at 44.99 euros (as of August 19, 10 a.m.). The offer is online until August 26th, after which the deal changes. In our preview you can find out what to expect from Scarlet Nexus.

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PSN: Huge sale with more than 1,500 game deals - Offers for PS4 & PS5

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PSN Summer Sale: The Last of Us 2, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and more

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PSN: Huge summer sale with over 1,000 game deals started for PS4 and PS5

Sony is starting a huge PSN sale: Lots of deals have gone online in the PlayStation Store. These are the offers. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1378013,1377938,1377151,1376285'; As a player, you join the ranks of the Other Defense Forces, home of the best psionic warriors, and take control of Yuito or Kasane for psychokinetic action and an extraordinary perspective on history. Also check out the current PSN sale to discover more deals. The focus is on PlayStation Indies and "games for under 20 euros".

PlayStation Store Sale “Games Under $20” Live; Over 300 Games Discounted

PlayStation Store Sale 'Games Under $20' Live; Over 300 Games Discounted

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While Sony launched the “Indies” PlayStation Store sale as the major sale this week on PSN, Sony has also rolled out the PlayStation “Games Under $20” sale as well! Check out the gallery below to see all 300+ games discounted!

PlayStation Store Sale “Games Under $20” – Ends Sept. 1, 2021:

PlayStation Store web browser sale link

Hopefully, there are games there that well worth their discounted price. We’ll be on the lookout this weekend if Sony launches another one of those “Weekend Offers” deals.

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