What will you play this weekend?

What will you play this weekend?

With the arrival of the weekend, a good chunk of gamers have a little more time to devote to video games, in the midst of household chores and family commitments. Taking advantage of the calm of the weekend, we then launch ourselves on some new title, or we dedicate ourselves to that video game with which, during the weekday games, we have not had the opportunity to advance that much. Tell us, what will you be playing this weekend of July 31, 2021?

The options are obviously multiple. For example, Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on Xbox Series X | S (directly on Game Pass). The simulation game of Asobo Studio is a very challenging title, especially if you want to play with a real driver without any help, and it certainly takes some time to get carried away with the uniqueness of the control system. Here is our review.

Microsoft Flight Simulator This week NEO: The World Ends with You, an action role-playing game by Square Enix that, despite some imperfections, has been able to convince us was also published. You can find our review at this address. How not to mention Samurai Warriors 5, the new chapter of the musou saga so loved by fans: as mentioned in our review, the news is not extreme, but it is the norm for the saga.

If you prefer something more reflective , you will probably dedicate yourself to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the new chapter in the Capcom saga. In our review we explained that "it is a welcome addition to the roster of the series". If you prefer something more indie, we recommend you take a look at Fallen Flag Studio's all-Italian souls-like boss-rush: Eldest Souls, here's the review.

Tell us, what are you going to play this weekend?

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