Nintendo Switch Online free for 7 days trial, for all users

Nintendo Switch Online free for 7 days trial, for all users

Nintendo Switch Online free for 7 days trial

Nintendo Switch Online can be tried for free for 7 days, but the initiative is open to all users, or even to those who have already used the subscription service previously, so it is not dedicated only to new users who intend to try it. br>
Until 10 September 2021, just go to the official Nintendo website and redeem the code through MyNintendo, with the purchase of 0 platinum points, which is essentially free. The only limitation is that you need to have an account on MyNintendo to be able to register the code, but this procedure is also free.

As reported in the tweet above by Nintendo Italy, this procedure guarantees access to Nintendo Switch Online for 7 days, with all the features of the service attached: online multiplayer game, free games for NES and SNES through the specific apps and other free titles linked with the subscription, such as Tetris 99 and Pac-Man 99.

The good thing is that this promotion can also be used by those who have already used or are using a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, so it is open to practically all Nintendo Switch users.

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Nintendo's Giving Away Free Trials For Switch Online, Even If You've Used One Before (Europe)

Nintendo Switch OnlineImage: Nintendo

All Switch owners across Europe can currently claim a free trial of Nintendo Switch Online, even if you've already made use of one in the past.

You can do so by heading to this page on the official My Nintendo website; as long as you sign in with your Nintendo account, you'll be able to grab the free 7-day trial and throw yourself into some online games. Under usual circumstances, using up a free trial leaves you with the option of either paying for a subscription or giving up the service's benefits, so opportunities to claim a second trial don't always come around.

You have until 10th September to claim your trial – just remember that if you do sign up, Nintendo's cheeky system will set you up for an automatic renewal and will charge you for a month's subscription once the trial is over. To avoid this, head on over to your Account Information in the Nintendo eShop, and adjust your automatic renewal settings.

As well as giving you the ability to play games online, Nintendo's Switch Online service also includes access to libraries of NES and SNES games and Save Data Cloud support.